2sha: Add SHA-224 and SHA-384 hash algorithms

This patch adds support for the SHA-224 and SHA-384 hash algorithms,
which are basically just variants of SHA-256 and SHA-512 (respectively)
with different initialization vectors and truncating a bit of the final
output. They are only added to serve vboot's role as all-purpose crypto
toolbox for callers (e.g. coreboot, where I need SHA-384 to support a
certain SoC boot descriptor right now) and not intended for actual use
as signature or firmware body hashes -- therefore, we only add the hash
algorithms themselves and don't create enum values for them in enum
vb2_crypto_algorithm or other structures.

Also clarify the difference between UNROLL_LOOPS and UNROLL_LOOPS_SHA512
in the Makefile, since it was totally not obvious to me.

TEST=make runtest and make runtest UNROLL_LOOPS=1

Cq-Depend: chromium:2191082
Signed-off-by: Julius Werner <jwerner@chromium.org>
Change-Id: Ic132d4dfe5967f03be4666b26c47d32c1235f4a9
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Reviewed-by: Joel Kitching <kitching@chromium.org>
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