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#!/bin/bash -eux
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Work in scratch directory
cd "$OUTDIR"
# No args returns nonzero exit code
${FUTILITY} && false
# It's weird but okay if the command is a full path.
${FUTILITY} /fake/path/to/help > "$TMP"
grep Usage "$TMP"
# Make sure logging does something.
[ -f ${LOG} ] && mv ${LOG} ${LOG}.backup
touch ${LOG}
${FUTILITY} help
grep ${FUTILITY} ${LOG}
rm -f ${LOG}
[ -f ${LOG}.backup ] && mv ${LOG}.backup ${LOG}
# Use some known digests to verify that things work...
# all progs in the pipelines should work
set -o pipefail
# If it's invoked as the name of a command we know, it should do that command
ln -sf ${FUTILITY} vbutil_key
./vbutil_key --unpack ${DEVKEYS}/installer_kernel_data_key.vbpubk | grep ${SHA}
ln -sf ${FUTILITY} vbutil_keyblock
./vbutil_keyblock --unpack ${DEVKEYS}/installer_kernel.keyblock | grep ${SHA}
cp ${FUTILITY} show
./show ${SCRIPT_DIR}/futility/data/rec_kernel_part.bin | grep ${SHA}
# If it's invoked by any other name, expect the command to be the first arg.
ln -sf ${FUTILITY} muggle
./muggle vbutil_key --unpack ${DEVKEYS}/installer_kernel_data_key.vbpubk \
| grep ${SHA}
ln -sf ${FUTILITY} buggle
./buggle vbutil_keyblock --unpack ${DEVKEYS}/installer_kernel.keyblock \
| grep ${SHA}
cp ${FUTILITY} boo
./boo show ${SCRIPT_DIR}/futility/data/rec_kernel_part.bin | grep ${SHA}
# we expect the first command fail, but the output to match anyway
set +o pipefail
# If it can't figure out the command at all, it should complain.
${FUTILITY} muggle | grep Usage:
./buggle futility | grep Usage:
./boo | grep Usage:
# cleanup
rm -f ${TMP}* vbutil_key vbutil_keyblock show muggle buggle boo
exit 0