vboot: do not request recovery for VB2_REQUEST_* from VB2_TRY()

When the returned value is not an error (such as VB2_REQUEST_*), do not
call vb2api_fail() from VB2_TRY() to request recovery.

During EC sync, instead of explicitly setting VB2_NV_RECOVERY_REQUEST in
nvdata to request recovery, utilize vb2api_fail() instead to try the
other AP slot before giving up on EC sync and going into recovery.

In addition, remove the retry of EC RO sync for the following reasons.
EC sync rarely fails, and even if it does, it's not very likely to be a
transient problem that disappears on the next attempt. Besides, the RO
sync is just a debug feature that only people who have a servo attached
and can manually reflash should be using. Therefore, the retry is
removed and hence we no longer need to restore the recovery request in

TEST=make runtests

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