Software sync checks for shutdown-requested in all code paths

1) AP-RO, EC-RO -> checked
2) AP-RW, EC-RO transition to EC-RW -> checked
3) AP-RW, EC-RW already -> NOT checked

Now, (3) calls VbExIsShutdownRequested() as well.

This fix is needed to avoid inconsistent behavior of software sync
after we ship a RW update.

Whether we *should* actually shut down or not based on how/why we
booted is a separate issue to be addressed by the U-boot
implementation of VbExIsShutdownRequested() in a separate CL.

TEST=make runtests

Manual testing also possible - force AP-RW firmware, then reboot with
lid closed.  Previously, the first boot would shut down because of
(2), but subsequent reboots of the AP only wouldn't because of (3).

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