Revert "futility: Adds platform check quirk for zork"

This reverts commit 8dac1697aef0114584d737e6a3027b55abdae5f0.

Reason for revert: Case sensitivity was turned off in This quirk is no longer needed. It could result in accidental overwriting with incompatible firmware. 

Original change's description:
> futility: Adds platform check quirk for zork
> Adds a quirk for futility on zork boards.
> Zork boards before 13073 used lowercase for the firmware
> names which causes the compatible platform check fail.
> This adds the disable_compatible_platform_check quirk and
> enables it by default for zork boards.
> BUG=b:156119908, b:155941790
> TEST=flashed Google_trembyle.13066.0.0 using servo
>      chromeos-firmwareupdater --force
>      rebooted and confirmed Google_Trembyle.13073.0.0 was flashed
> BRANCH=none
> Change-Id: I6fc6bf5bb42b725b5e7c9d0166f945b9c123bab4
> Signed-off-by: Rob Barnes <>
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> Reviewed-by: Edward Hill <>
> Reviewed-by: Eric Peers <>
> Commit-Queue: Edward Hill <>

Bug: b:156119908, b:155941790
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