futility/updater: Add quirk to preserve management engine

In recent Intel platforms, updating Management Engine (ME) while SoC is in
S0 state is an unsupported use-case. To work-around this issue for the
devices that are in development, specifically during firmware update,
this quirk is added to preserve the ME region. In the subsequent boot,
ME region is updated as part of boot firmware update upstart script.

TEST=With the quirk enabled, ensured that the ME is preserved under the
following scenario:
chromeos-firmwareupdate --mode=autoupdate
chromeos-firmwareupdate --mode=recovery
futility update --mode=autoupdate -a /usr/sbin/chromeos-firmwareupdate
futility update --mode=recovery -a /usr/sbin/chromeos-firmwareupdate
In other scenarios, ME region is not preserved.

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