vboot/ui: decouple error beep from error message

Some error such as VB2_UI_ERROR_DEV_EXTERNAL_BOOT_FAILED only requires a
beep sound to notify the user. No dialog box will be shown for these

Instead of defining them in the vb2_ui_error enum and ignore them in
vb2ex_display_ui() in depthcharge, add a new field 'error_beep' to
vb2_ui_context and use it for playing error beep sound in the UI loop.
Then these beep-only errors can be removed from the enum.

Also remove VB2_UI_ERROR_DEV_INTERNAL_NOT_ALLOWED because it is not used

BUG=b:146399181, b:161375587
TEST=emerge-puff depthcharge
TEST=b/161375587 is not reproducible

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