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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "bmpblk_header.h"
#include <yaml.h>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
using std::map;
using std::string;
using std::vector;
namespace vboot_reference {
/* Internal struct for contructing ImageInfo. */
typedef struct ImageConfig {
ImageInfo data;
string filename;
string raw_content;
string compressed_content;
uint32_t offset;
} ImageConfig;
/* Internal struct for contructing ScreenLayout. */
typedef struct ScreenConfig {
ScreenLayout data;
string image_names[MAX_IMAGE_IN_LAYOUT];
} ScreenConfig;
typedef map<string, ImageConfig> StrImageConfigMap;
typedef map<string, ScreenConfig> StrScreenConfigMap;
/* Internal struct for contructing the whole BmpBlock. */
typedef struct BmpBlockConfig {
string config_filename;
BmpBlockHeader header;
vector<string> image_names;
StrImageConfigMap images_map;
StrScreenConfigMap screens_map;
vector<vector<string> > localizations;
} BmpBlockConfig;
class BmpBlockUtil {
/* Load all the images and related infomations according to a config file. */
void load_from_config(const char *filename);
/* Compress all the images using a given comression method. */
void compress_all_images(const Compression compress);
/* Contruct the bmpblock. */
void pack_bmpblock();
/* Write the bmpblock to a file */
void write_to_bmpblock(const char *filename);
/* What compression to use for the images */
void force_compression(uint32_t compression);
/* Clear all internal data. */
void initialize();
/* Elemental function called from load_from_config.
* Load the config file (yaml format) and parse it. */
void load_yaml_config(const char *filename);
/* Elemental function called from load_from_config.
* Load all image files into the internal variables. */
void load_all_image_files();
/* Elemental function called from load_from_config.
* Contruct all ImageInfo structs. */
void fill_all_image_infos();
/* Elemental function called from load_from_config.
* Contruct the BmpBlockHeader struct. */
void fill_bmpblock_header();
/* Helper functions for parsing a YAML config file. */
void expect_event(yaml_parser_t *parser, const yaml_event_type_e type);
void parse_config(yaml_parser_t *parser);
void parse_first_layer(yaml_parser_t *parser);
void parse_bmpblock(yaml_parser_t *parser);
void parse_compression(yaml_parser_t *parser);
void parse_images(yaml_parser_t *parser);
void parse_layout(yaml_parser_t *parser, ScreenConfig &screen);
void parse_screens(yaml_parser_t *parser);
void parse_localizations(yaml_parser_t *parser);
/* Useful functions */
const string read_image_file(const char *filename);
ImageFormat get_image_format(const string content);
uint32_t get_bmp_image_width(const string content);
uint32_t get_bmp_image_height(const string content);
/* Internal variable for storing the config of BmpBlock. */
BmpBlockConfig config_;
/* Internal variable for storing the content of BmpBlock. */
string bmpblock_;
/* Internal variables to determine whether or not to specify compression */
bool set_compression_; // true if we force it
uint32_t compression_; // what we force it to
} // namespace vboot_reference