vboot: remove VBERROR_TPM_SET_BOOT_MODE_STATE error code

Since secdata and nvdata get/set functions no longer return error
codes, and instead use VB2_ASSERT and VB2_DIE to abort on failure,
vb2_enable_developer_mode no longer has any error code to return.
Change the function return type to void, and remove checks around
the function call.  As a result, VBERROR_TPM_SET_BOOT_MODE_STATE
becomes unused and we may remove it.  Finally, move the
USB_BOOT_ON_DEV logic (enable USB boot when on transition to dev
mode) into vb2_enable_developer_mode.  Also add unit tests.

BUG=b:124141368, chromium:988410
TEST=make clean && make runtests

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