crossystem: support clear_tpm_owner_request on TPM2.0 simulator

This CL would give VM boards the ability to hard reset TPM.

When clearing TPM ownership on real devices, there are two things
would happen:
1. TPM reset all of its NVRAM data.
2. mount-encrypted can't decrypt old encrypted partition.

The TPM2.0 simulator put its NV space at "/var/lib/trunks/NVChip".
And "/var/lib" is under encrypted partition.
Remove the mount-encrypted key would cause mount-encrypted lost the
encrypted partition on next boot, and it would simply achieve those
two targets.

TEST=crossystem clear_tpm_owner_request=1

Cq-Depend: chromium:2501904
Signed-off-by: Yi Chou <>
Change-Id: Ifeff0cf03bf76706849905816d22024f3d1b952f
Reviewed-by: Joel Kitching <>
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