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# Assume we're building on x86_64 Linux for now.
build --host_platform @rules_cros//cros/platforms:linux_x86_64
# Use the target platform in the bazel-out/ output directory name fragment
# instead of the CPU (darwin, k8). This avoids thrashing the output directory
# when switching between top level target --platforms values.
build --experimental_platform_in_output_dir
# Use the JDK provided by the CrOS SDK instead of trying to download a bundled
# remote JDK.
build --tool_java_runtime_version=11
# Use toolchain resolution to find the cc toolchain.
build --incompatible_enable_cc_toolchain_resolution
# Enable usage of experimental cc-related build APIs
build --experimental_starlark_cc_import
build --experimental_repo_remote_exec
# Disable local cpp toolchain detection, as we declare it explicitly.
# Declare a cc_toolchain_suite to work around
build --crosstool_top="@rules_cros//cros/toolchain/cc:cros-cc-toolchain-suite"
# Lock down the PATH variable in actions to /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin.
build --experimental_strict_action_env
# Do not tokenize copts, other than strings that consist of a single Make
# variable. This prevents the need to double-escape characters like backslashes
# and quotes in copts.
build --features no_copts_tokenization
# Support a local user-specific bazelrc file.
try-import %workspace%/user.bazelrc