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  1. gfx/
  2. power_measurement/
  3. roafteriniter/
  4. syzbot-autotriager/
  5. variant/
  6. arm_trusted_firmware_uprev
  8. cros_update_firmware
  9. deploy_termina
  10. dut-console
  11. feedback-unpack
  13. gbatch
  14. merge-kernel
  16. OWNERS
  17. pylintrc
  19. servoinfo
  20. shflags
  24. willis.go

Unsupported Chrome OS dev scripts

This directory is a place that developers can put scripts that are useful to them and that might be useful to other developers.

A few notes about what's here:

  • Nothing here may be used by build scripts. It's expected to only contain scripts that are run manually.
  • Nobody in the build team maintains these files. If something is broken, you can try using the git history to find someone to help you, but even better you should upload a fix yourself.
  • Chrome OS infrastructure makes no promises to keep scripts in here working. AKA: if you rely on some tool in “chromite”, or on some Google server, or something else official. ...and if that thing changes in a way that breaks you. ...then it's up to you to change your script. The change that broke you will not be reverted.

That being said: enjoy.