cros_bundle_firmware: Pollute EC RO binary FMAP signature

We don't want to have two FMAP signatures in the image. At present
the EC RO binary includes an FMAP signature since for write-enabled
devices we still use flashrom to perform the EC RO update.

This is a temporary situation since s/w sync will eventually do the
RO bin image - see example CL here:

For now, change the fmap signature on this blob to __fMAP__ for this
blob only.

Check flashrom's fmap.h and see the signature:

Run 'cros_bundle_firmware -b daisy -d exynos5250-snow -O out'

Use ghex to look at out/updated-ecro.bin and see that it does not
include __FMAP__ anymore (the 'F' is changed to 'f').

Same with image:

$ strings out/image.bin |grep -i __fmap__

(the last one is the real FMAP)

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