create_coreboot_config: use per-variant me.bin

For Hatch, each variant has its own version of the ME binary, see When creating config.${VARIANT} from the
baseboard, also look for me-hatch.bin (in the CONFIG_ME_BIN_PATH)
and modify it to reference me-${VARIANT}.bin.

TEST=`./ hatch sushi`
Examine third_party/chromiumos-overlay/sys-boot/coreboot/files/configs.
The git branch should be "create_sushi_" and today's date.
The new file config.sushi, will differ from config.hatch by three
> CONFIG_IFD_BIN_PATH="3rdparty/blobs/baseboard/hatch/descriptor-sushi.bin"
> CONFIG_ME_BIN_PATH="3rdparty/blobs/baseboard/hatch/me-sushi.bin"

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