image_to_live: grep for listening address family-agnostically

Since devserver now listens on IPv6, this grep for the IPv4 generic
address won't work. Change to a grep for a listening socket on that
port (-l means listening only, so negates connections to it)

TEST=image_to_live works for me again

Change-Id: Ia9ea44bbde0ce5c505bb79e8a508b1c881a26fab
Reviewed-by: Chris Sosa <>
Reviewed-by: Aaron Plattner <>
Tested-by: Scott James Remnant <>
diff --git a/host/ b/host/
index aeeb486..6f69e44 100755
--- a/host/
+++ b/host/
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@
   info "Waiting on devserver to start"
   info "note: be patient as the server generates the update before starting."
-  until netstat -anp 2>&1 | grep${FLAGS_devserver_port} > /dev/null; do
+  until netstat -lnp 2>&1 | grep :${FLAGS_devserver_port} > /dev/null; do
     sleep 5
     echo -n "."
     if ! pgrep -f start_devserver > /dev/null; then