Test creating a new variant of Trembyle (Zork)

This document describes the steps to test the process of creating a new variant of the Trembyle reference board. All of these steps are done inside the chroot environment.

Create per-project config

Normally, a new variant would have a per-project configuration repo created by the CrOS gerrit admins. For the purposes of this test, create a directory and populate it as if the repo existed.

(cr) $ mkdir -p ~/trunk/src/project/zork/grue
(cr) $ cd ~/trunk/src/config
(cr) $ sbin/gen_project  ~/trunk/src/config zork \
~/trunk/src/program/zork/ grue \

Edit src/project/zork/grue/config.star

Add load() commands for brand_config and defaults:

 """Generates a ConfigBundle proto for the grue project."""

 load("//config/util/config_bundle.star", "config_bundle")
+load("//config/util/brand_config.star", "brand_config")
 load("//config/util/design.star", "design")
 load("//config/util/hw_topology.star", "hw_topo")
 load("//program/program.star", "program")
+load("//program/defaults.star", "defaults")

 _GRUE = "Grue"

Also, change_FW_BUILD_CONFIG = None to _FW_BUILD_CONFIG = defaults.firmware_build_config(_GRUE)

Generate the config

cd ~/trunk/src/project/zork/grue
~/trunk/src/config/bin/gen_config config.star

Update the PROJECTS list

Add “grue” to the PROJECTS list in src/private-overlays/overlay-zork-private/chromeos-base/chromeos-config-bsp-zork-private/chromeos-config-bsp-zork-private-9999.ebuild

+       "grue"

Ensure CLs do not get uploaded

Insert the step ‘quit’ in trembyle.py after step_names.EMERGE, so that the test CLs are not uploaded.

 step_list = [
+    'quit',

Create the ‘grue’ variant

./new_variant.py --board=trembyle --variant=grue

The program should successfully build the ‘grue’ firmware, and then stop with an error that it doesn't understand the ‘quit’ step.

Clean up

./new_variant.py --abort to delete all of the commits.

rm -R ~/trunk/src/project/zork/grue to delete the per-project config

Use git restore to discard changes to chromeos-config-bsp-zork-private-9999.ebuild