New variant of Dedede

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This tutorial shows how to create the “Acro” variant of Dedede's Waddldee reference board.

The process for Dedede is very similar to Volteer, except that Dedede has two reference boards, Waddledee and Waddledoo. The workflow is the same for either variant; just specify --board=waddledee to make a variant of the Waddledee reference board, or --board=waddledoo to make a variant of the Waddledoo reference board.

Rather than duplicate the explanatory text in each section, we have opted to only provide the headings, the commands, and any important notes. Refer to the same-named sections in the Hatch or Volteer tutorials for explanatory text.

Per-project configuration repository

A gerrit administrator must create the project configuration repository before you can begin the process to create a new variant of Dedede. Please file a bug to have the project configuration updated using go/cros-boxster-bug or

This example shows how to create the “Acro” variant of the Waddledee reference board. Note that there is no project configuration repository for Acro, but this example proceeds as if it does exist.

Start the new variant

(cr) $ cd ~/trunk/src/platform/dev/contrib/variant
(cr) $ ./ --board=waddledee --variant=acro --bug=b:157183582
[... some messages about creating a new coreboot variant and configuration ...]
[... the source files for the new FIT image are created, and then the ...]
[... program exits with a message about building the FIT image ...]
ERROR:root:The following files need to be generated:
ERROR:root:* fitimage-acro.bin
ERROR:root:* fitimage-acro-versions.txt
ERROR:root:The fitimage sources are ready for to process. cannot run inside the chroot. Please open a new terminal
ERROR:root:window, change to the directory where is located, and run
ERROR:root:./ acro <path_to_fit_kit> -b
ERROR:root:Then re-start this program with --continue.
ERROR:root:If your chroot is based in ~/chromiumos, then the folder you want is

Generate the FIT image

Dedede currently uses version (but the version will likely change in the future) of Intel's FIT tools, so this example assumes that you have unzipped the Intel FIT tool files in the directory ~/TXE_JSL.

$ cd ~/chromiumos/src/private-overlays/baseboard-dedede-private/sys-boot/coreboot-private-files-baseboard-dedede/asset_generation
$ ./ acro ~/TXE_JSL -b

Continue creating the variant

(cr) $ cd ~/trunk/src/platform/dev/contrib/variant
(cr) $ ./ --continue
[... lots of messages about various commits being created ...]
[... the EC code builds ...]
[... the firmware boot image builds (using emerge) ...]
[... the program exits with a message about pushing to coreboot ...]
INFO:root:Running step push_coreboot
ERROR:root:The following commit needs to be pushed to
ERROR:root:  Branch "create_acro_20200521"
ERROR:root:  in directory "/mnt/host/source/src/third_party/coreboot"
ERROR:root:  with change-id "Ie900d09ff55e695527eafe68a5a75cd4a0b6d340"
ERROR:root:Please push the branch to, and then re-start this program with --continue

Note that the change-id is the same as Sushi in this example, because the acro CLs have not been (and will not be) uploaded.

Push the coreboot CL

Upload the rest of the CLs

(cr) $ cd ~/trunk/src/platform/dev/contrib/variant
(cr) $ ./ --continue
INFO:root:Running step push_coreboot
INFO:root:Running step upload_CLs
INFO:root:Running step find_coreboot_upstream
ERROR:root:Program cannot continue until coreboot CL is upstreamed.
ERROR:root:(coreboot:39892, change-id Ie900d09ff55e695527eafe68a5a75cd4a0b6d340)
ERROR:root:Please wait for the CL to be upstreamed, then run this program again with --continue

Note that the CL number and change-id is the same as Sushi in this example, because the acro CLs have not been (and will not be) uploaded.

Add Cq-Depend information, re-upload, and clean up

(cr) $ cd ~/trunk/src/platform/dev/contrib/variant
(cr) $ ./ --continue
INFO:root:Running step find_coreboot_upstream
INFO:root:Running step add_cq_depend
INFO:root:Running step re_upload
INFO:root:Running step clean_up