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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from __future__ import print_function
import os
def encode_to_ascii(val):
"""Return the ascii-encoded version of |val|."""
if not val:
return val
return val.encode('ascii', 'ignore')
def clean_git_title(p):
"""Replace certain unicode characters in git commit titles."""
replacer = {
'UPSTREAM: ': '',
'BACKPORT: ': '',
'\xe2\x80\x9c': '"',
'\xe2\x80\x98': "'",
'\xe2\x80\x99': "'",
'\xef\xbc\x9a': ':',
'\xe2\x80\x9d': '"',
'\xe2\x80\xa6': '...',
'\xe2\x80\x8b': '',
'\xc2\xb7': ' ',
'\xd1\x96': 'i',
'\xc2\xb5': 'm',
'\xc3\xb8': 'o',
'\xc3\xbc': 'u',
'\xc2\xb2': '2',
'\xc2\xa0': ' ',
'\xc3\x89': 'E',
'\xce\x95': 'E',
'\xd1\x95': 's',
'\xc3\xa9': 'e',
'\xc3\xa1': 'a',
'\xc3\xb6': 'o',
'\xc4\xa5': 'h',
'\xc2\xae': '',
'\xc2\xb6': '[',
'\xc3\xa4': 'a',
'\xb4': "'",
'\x1b': '',
for k in replacer:
p = p.replace(k, replacer[k])
return p
def htmldecode(s):
"""Decode and return an HTML-decoded string |s|."""
replace_pairs = {
'>': '>',
'&lt;': '<',
'&amp;': '&',
'&apos;': "'",
'&#39;': "'",
'&#34;': '"',
'&quot;': '"',
for old in replace_pairs:
s = s.replace(old, replace_pairs[old])
return s
def clean_webcontent(cmsg):
"""Cleans a commit message obtained from"""
cmsg = cmsg.replace('net-backports: ', '')
cmsg = encode_to_ascii(cmsg)
cmsg = htmldecode(cmsg)
return cmsg
def interact(qn):
"""Prompt the user for an option and return if response is yes."""
option = raw_input(qn)
return option in ['y', 'Y']
def print_report(report):
"""Stub for printing out the report generated by Autotriager."""
def endbanner():
print('-' * 30)
def rmfile_if_exists(fname):
"""Remove file if it exists."""
except OSError as _:
def hit_summary(bbugid, url, cmsg):
"""Generate summary report for Autotriager.
Generate a summary report with details on matching
issuetracker and syzweb hits.
summary = """
BUG="%s" URL="%s"
""" % (bbugid, url, cmsg)
def commitstr(fixestag):
"""Gives |fixestag| tag from a commit message return the commit message."""
if '"' in fixestag:
return fixestag.split('"')[1]
if '\'' in fixestag:
return fixestag.split('\'')[1]
if '(' in fixestag:
return fixestag.split('(')[1]
print('Check manually: fixestag=%s' %(repr(fixestag)))
return None
def incstats(statsobj, s):
"""Increment stats property |s| in |statsobj|."""
statsobj[s] = statsobj.get(s, 0) + 1
def interesting_keyword_in(body):
"""Returns true if a keyword is present in |body|"""
keywords = ['overflow', 'oob', 'uaf', 'use after free',
'use-after-free', 'kasan', 'kmsan', 'syzkaller',
'reported-by: syzbot',
for keyword in keywords:
if keyword in body.lower():
return True
return False
def fixes_stmt(body):
"""Returns the "Fixes: " statement if found in a commit body."""
for line in body.splitlines():
if line.startswith('Fixes: '):
return line
return None