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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This is a tool for picking patches from upstream and applying them."""
"""echo""" "This is a python script! Don't interpret it with bash."
import argparse
from collections import OrderedDict
import configparser
import functools
import mailbox
import os
import pprint
import re
import signal
import socket
import ssl
import subprocess
import sys
import textwrap
import urllib.request
import xmlrpc.client
errprint = functools.partial(print, file=sys.stderr)
# pylint: disable=line-too-long
# Note: Do not include trailing / in any of these
# Acceptable Linux URLs
# Acceptible Linux Firmware URLs
# Upstream for various other projects
_PWCLIENTRC = os.path.expanduser('~/.pwclientrc')
def _git(args, stdin=None, encoding='utf-8', no_stderr=False):
"""Calls a git subcommand.
Similar to subprocess.check_output.
args: subcommand + args passed to 'git'.
stdin: a string or bytes (depending on encoding) that will be passed
to the git subcommand.
encoding: either 'utf-8' (default) or None. Override it to None if
you want both stdin and stdout to be raw bytes.
no_stderr: If True, we'll eat stderr
the stdout of the git subcommand, same type as stdin. The output is
also run through strip to make sure there's no extra whitespace.
subprocess.CalledProcessError: when return code is not zero.
The exception has a .returncode attribute.
['git'] + args,
stderr=(subprocess.PIPE if no_stderr else None),
def _git_returncode(*args, **kwargs):
"""Same as _git, but return returncode instead of stdout.
Similar to
Never raises subprocess.CalledProcessError.
_git(*args, **kwargs)
return 0
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
return e.returncode
def _get_conflicts():
"""Report conflicting files."""
resolutions = ('DD', 'AU', 'UD', 'UA', 'DU', 'AA', 'UU')
conflicts = []
output = _git(['status', '--porcelain', '--untracked-files=no'])
for line in output.splitlines():
if not line:
resolution, name = line.split(None, 1)
if resolution in resolutions:
conflicts.append(' ' + name)
if not conflicts:
return ''
return '\nConflicts:\n%s\n' % '\n'.join(conflicts)
def _find_upstream_remote(urls):
"""Find a remote pointing to an upstream repository."""
for remote in _git(['remote']).splitlines():
if _git(['remote', 'get-url', remote]).rstrip('/') in urls:
return remote
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
# Kinda weird, get-url failing on an item that git just gave us.
return None
def _pause_for_merge(conflicts):
"""Pause and go in the background till user resolves the conflicts."""
git_root = _git(['rev-parse', '--show-toplevel'])
previous_head_hash = _git(['rev-parse', 'HEAD'])
paths = (
os.path.join(git_root, '.git', 'rebase-apply'),
os.path.join(git_root, '.git', 'CHERRY_PICK_HEAD'),
for path in paths:
if os.path.exists(path):
errprint('Found "%s".' % path)
errprint('Please resolve the conflicts and restart the '
'shell job when done. Kill this job if you '
'aborted the conflict.')
os.kill(os.getpid(), signal.SIGTSTP)
# Check the conflicts actually got resolved. Otherwise we'll end up
# modifying the wrong commit message and probably confusing people.
while previous_head_hash == _git(['rev-parse', 'HEAD']):
errprint('Error: no new commit has been made. Did you forget to run '
'`git am --continue` or `git cherry-pick --continue`?')
errprint('Please create a new commit and restart the shell job (or kill'
' it if you aborted the conflict).')
os.kill(os.getpid(), signal.SIGTSTP)
def _get_pw_url(project):
"""Retrieve the patchwork server URL from .pwclientrc.
project: patchwork project name; if None, we retrieve the default
from pwclientrc
config = configparser.ConfigParser()[_PWCLIENTRC])
if project is None:
project = config.get('options', 'default')
except (configparser.NoSectionError, configparser.NoOptionError) as e:
errprint('Error: no default patchwork project found in %s. (%r)'
if not config.has_option(project, 'url'):
errprint("Error: patchwork URL not found for project '%s'" % project)
url = config.get(project, 'url')
# Strip trailing 'xmlrpc' and/or trailing slash.
return re.sub('/(xmlrpc/)?$', '', url)
def _wrap_commit_line(prefix, content):
line = prefix + content
indent = ' ' * len(prefix)
ret = textwrap.fill(line, COMMIT_MESSAGE_WIDTH, subsequent_indent=indent)
return ret[len(prefix):]
def _get_patch_from_message_id(args, message_id):
for (url_template, mbox_suffix) in [
('', 'raw'),
# hostap project (and others) are here, but not
('', None),
# public-inbox comes last as a "default"; it has a nice error page
# pointing to other redirectors, even if it doesn't have what
# you're looking for directly.
('', None),
this_url = url_template % message_id
if args['debug']:
print('Probing archive for message at: %s' % this_url)
opener = urllib.request.urlopen(this_url)
# To actually get the patch from we need to:
# - Let it redirect us to an actual list it's tracking.
# - Add the "raw" suffix
if (opener.url != this_url) and mbox_suffix:
opener = urllib.request.urlopen(opener.url + mbox_suffix)
except urllib.error.HTTPError as e:
# Skip all HTTP errors. We can expect 404 for archives that
# don't have this MessageId, or 300 for public-inbox ("not
# found, but try these other redirects"). It's less clear what
# to do with transitory (or is it permanent?) server failures.
if args['debug']:
print('Skipping URL %s, error: %s' % (this_url, e))
# Success!
if args['debug']:
print('Found at %s' % this_url)
return this_url,
"WARNING: couldn't find working MessageId URL; "
'defaulting to "%s"' % this_url)
return this_url, None
def _pick_fromlist(url, patch_id, args, message_id=None):
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMLIST: '
if patch_id is not None:
opener = urllib.request.urlopen('%s/patch/%s/mbox' % (url, patch_id))
except urllib.error.HTTPError as e:
errprint('Error: could not download patch: %s' % e)
patch_contents =
if not patch_contents:
errprint('Error: No patch content found')
message_id = mailbox.Message(patch_contents)['Message-Id']
message_id = re.sub('^<|>$', '', message_id.strip())
alt_url = None
elif message_id is not None:
alt_url, patch_contents = _get_patch_from_message_id(args, message_id)
if patch_contents is None:
errprint('Error: could not find patch based on message id')
errprint('Error: Need a message ID or a patchwork ID')
if args['source_line'] is None:
if alt_url is None:
alt_url, _ = _get_patch_from_message_id(args, message_id)
if patch_id is not None:
args['source_line'] = '(am from %s/patch/%s/)' % (url, patch_id)
args['source_line'] += '\n(also found at %s)' % alt_url
args['source_line'] = '(am from %s)' % alt_url
# Auto-snarf the Change-Id if it was encoded into the Message-Id.
mo = re.match(r'.*(I[a-f0-9]{40})@changeid$', message_id)
if mo and args['changeid'] is None:
args['changeid'] =
if args['replace']:
_git(['reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return _git_returncode(['am', '-3'], stdin=patch_contents, encoding=None)
def _match_patchwork(match, args):
"""Match location: pw://### or pw://PROJECT/###."""
pw_project =
patch_id =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_patchwork: pw_project=%s, patch_id=%s' %
(pw_project, patch_id))
url = _get_pw_url(pw_project)
return _pick_fromlist(url, patch_id, args)
def _match_msgid(match, args):
"""Match location: msgid://MSGID."""
msgid =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_msgid: message_id=%s' % (msgid))
url = None
for url in PATCHWORK_URLS:
rpc = xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy(url + '/xmlrpc/')
# Patchwork requires the brackets so force it
res = rpc.patch_list({'msgid': '<' + msgid + '>'})
except ssl.SSLCertVerificationError:
errprint('Error: server "%s" gave an SSL error, skipping' % url)
except socket.gaierror as e:
errprint('Error: server "%s" gave socket error "%s", skipping' % (url, e))
if res:
patch_id = res[0]['id']
# We can't find a patch ID for this message but we won't give up.
# Some patches might not be on any (known) patchwork servers but
# can still be found on mailing list archives.
patch_id = None
return _pick_fromlist(url, patch_id, args, msgid)
def _upstream(commit, urls, args):
if args['debug']:
print('_upstream: commit=%s' % commit)
# Confirm an upstream remote is setup.
remote = _find_upstream_remote(urls)
if not remote:
errprint('Error: need a valid upstream remote')
branches = ['main', 'master']
for branch in branches:
remote_ref = '%s/%s' % (remote, branch)
_git(['merge-base', '--is-ancestor', commit, remote_ref],
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
errprint('Error: Commit not in %s, branches: %s' % (
remote, ', '.join(branches)))
if args['source_line'] is None:
commit = _git(['rev-parse', commit])
args['source_line'] = ('(cherry picked from commit %s)' %
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'UPSTREAM: '
if args['replace']:
_git(['reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return _git_returncode(['cherry-pick', commit])
def _match_upstream(match, args):
"""Match location: linux://HASH and upstream://HASH."""
commit =
return _upstream(commit, urls=UPSTREAM_URLS, args=args)
def _match_fromgit(match, args):
"""Match location: git://remote/branch/HASH."""
remote =
branch =
commit =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_fromgit: remote=%s branch=%s commit=%s' %
(remote, branch, commit))
_git(['merge-base', '--is-ancestor', commit,
'%s/%s' % (remote, branch)])
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
errprint('Error: Commit not in %s/%s' % (remote, branch))
url = _git(['remote', 'get-url', remote])
if args['source_line'] is None:
commit = _git(['rev-parse', commit])
args['source_line'] = (
'(cherry picked from commit %s\n %s %s)' % (commit, url, branch))
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMGIT: '
if args['replace']:
_git(['reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return _git_returncode(['cherry-pick', commit])
def _match_gitfetch(match, args):
"""Match location: (git|https)://repoURL#branch/HASH."""
remote =
branch =
commit =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_gitfetch: remote=%s branch=%s commit=%s' %
(remote, branch, commit))
_git(['fetch', remote, branch])
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
errprint('Error: Branch not in %s' % remote)
url = remote
if args['source_line'] is None:
commit = _git(['rev-parse', commit])
args['source_line'] = (
'(cherry picked from commit %s\n %s %s)' % (commit, url, branch))
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMGIT: '
if args['replace']:
_git(['reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return _git_returncode(['cherry-pick', commit])
def _match_gitweb(match, args):
"""Match location: https://repoURL/commit/?h=branch&id=HASH."""
remote =
branch =
commit =
if args['debug']:
print('_match_gitweb: remote=%s branch=%s commit=%s' %
(remote, branch, commit))
_git(['fetch', remote, branch])
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
errprint('Error: Branch not in %s' % remote)
url = remote
if args['source_line'] is None:
commit = _git(['rev-parse', commit])
args['source_line'] = (
'(cherry picked from commit %s\n %s %s)' % (commit, url, branch))
if args['tag'] is None:
args['tag'] = 'FROMGIT: '
if args['replace']:
_git(['reset', '--hard', 'HEAD~1'])
return _git_returncode(['cherry-pick', commit])
def _remove_dup_bugs(bugs):
"""Remove the duplicated bugs from a string keeping the original order."""
# Standardize all the spacing around bugs
bugs = re.sub(r'\s*,\s*', ', ', bugs)
# Create a list of bugs
bugs = bugs.split(', ')
# Remove duplicates keeping order
bugs = list(OrderedDict.fromkeys(bugs).keys())
# Convert into a string again
bugs = ', '.join(bugs)
return bugs
def main(args):
"""This is the main entrypoint for fromupstream.
args: sys.argv[1:]
An int return code.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--bug', '-b', action='append', default=[],
type=str, help='BUG= line')
parser.add_argument('--test', '-t', action='append', default=[],
type=str, help='TEST= line')
parser.add_argument('--crbug', action='append', default=[],
type=int, help='BUG=chromium: line')
parser.add_argument('--buganizer', action='append', default=[],
type=int, help='BUG=b: line')
parser.add_argument('--changeid', '-c',
help='Overrides the gerrit generated Change-Id line')
type=str, help='Cq-Depend: line')
parser.add_argument('--replace', '-r',
help='Replaces the HEAD commit with this one, taking '
'its properties(BUG, TEST, Change-Id). Useful for '
'updating commits.')
dest='signoff', action='store_false')
parser.add_argument('--debug', '-d', action='store_true',
help='Prints more verbose logs.')
help='Overrides the tag from the title')
parser.add_argument('--source', '-s',
dest='source_line', type=str,
help='Overrides the source line, last line, ex: '
'(am from http://....)')
help='Patchwork ID (pw://### or pw://PROJECT/###, '
'where PROJECT is defined in ~/.pwclientrc; if no '
'PROJECT is specified, the default is retrieved from '
'~/.pwclientrc), '
'Message-ID (msgid://MSGID), '
'linux commit like linux://HASH, '
'upstream commit like upstream://HASH, or '
'git reference like git://remote/branch/HASH or '
'git://repoURL#branch/HASH or '
'https://repoURL#branch/HASH or '
args = vars(parser.parse_args(args))
cq_depends = [args['cqdepend']] if args['cqdepend'] else []
bugs = args['bug']
bugs += ['b:%d' % x for x in args['buganizer']]
bugs += ['chromium:%d' % x for x in args['crbug']]
bugs = ', '.join(bugs)
bugs = _remove_dup_bugs(bugs)
if bugs:
bug_lines = [x.strip(' ,') for x in
_wrap_commit_line('BUG=', bugs).split('\n')]
bug_lines = []
test_lines = [_wrap_commit_line('TEST=', x) for x in args['test']]
if args['replace']:
old_commit_message = _git(['show', '-s', '--format=%B', 'HEAD'])
# It is possible that multiple Change-Ids are in the commit message
# (due to cherry picking). We only want to pull out the first one.
changeid_match ='^Change-Id: (.*)$',
old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE)
if args['changeid'] is None and changeid_match:
args['changeid'] =
if not cq_depends:
cq_depends = re.findall(r'^Cq-Depend:\s+(.*)$',
old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE)
if not bug_lines:
bug_lines = re.findall(r'^BUG=(.*)$',
old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE)
if not test_lines:
# Note: use (?=...) to avoid to consume the source string
test_lines = re.findall(r"""
^TEST=(.*?) # Match start from TEST= until
\n # (to remove the tailing newlines)
(?=^$| # a blank line
^Cq-Depend:| # or Cq-Depend:
^Change-Id:| # or Change-Id:
^BUG=| # or following BUG=
^TEST=) # or another TEST=
old_commit_message, re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL | re.VERBOSE)
if not bug_lines or not test_lines:
parser.error('BUG=/TEST= lines are required; --replace can help '
'automate, or set via --bug/--test')
if args['debug']:
re_matches = (
(re.compile(r'^pw://(([^/]+)/)?(.+)'), _match_patchwork),
(re.compile(r'^msgid://<?([^>]*)>?'), _match_msgid),
(re.compile(r'^linux://([0-9a-f]+)'), _match_upstream),
(re.compile(r'^upstream://([0-9a-f]+)'), _match_upstream),
(re.compile(r'^((git|https)://.+)#(.+)/([0-9a-f]+)$'), _match_gitfetch),
(re.compile(r'^(https://.+)/commit/\?h=(.+)\&id=([0-9a-f]+)$'), _match_gitweb),
# Backup user provided parameters
user_source_line = args['source_line']
user_tag = args['tag']
user_changeid = args['changeid']
for location in args['locations']:
# Restore user parameters
args['source_line'] = user_source_line
args['tag'] = user_tag
args['changeid'] = user_changeid
if args['debug']:
print('location=%s' % location)
for reg, handler in re_matches:
match = reg.match(location)
if match:
ret = handler(match, args)
errprint('Don\'t know what "%s" means.' % location)
if ret != 0:
conflicts = _get_conflicts()
if args['tag'] == 'UPSTREAM: ':
args['tag'] = 'BACKPORT: '
args['tag'] = 'BACKPORT: ' + args['tag']
conflicts = ''
# extract commit message
commit_message = _git(['show', '-s', '--format=%B', 'HEAD'])
# Remove stray Change-Id, most likely from merge resolution
commit_message = re.sub(r'Change-Id:.*\n?', '', commit_message)
# Note the source location before tagging anything else
commit_message += '\n' + args['source_line']
# add automatic Change ID, BUG, and TEST (and maybe signoff too) so
# next commands know where to work on
commit_message += '\n'
commit_message += conflicts
commit_message += '\n'
commit_message += '\n'.join('BUG=%s' % bug for bug in bug_lines)
commit_message += '\n'
commit_message += '\n'.join('TEST=%s' % t for t in test_lines)
extra = []
if args['signoff']:
signoff = 'Signed-off-by: %s <%s>' % (
_git(['config', '']),
_git(['config', '']))
if not signoff in commit_message.splitlines():
extra += ['-s']
_git(['commit'] + extra + ['--amend', '-F', '-'], stdin=commit_message)
# re-extract commit message
commit_message = _git(['show', '-s', '--format=%B', 'HEAD'])
# If we see a "Link: " that seems to point to a Message-Id with an
# automatic Change-Id we'll snarf it out.
mo ='^Link:.*(I[a-f0-9]{40})@changeid', commit_message,
if mo and args['changeid'] is None:
args['changeid'] =
# replace changeid if needed
if args['changeid'] is not None:
commit_message = re.sub(r'(Change-Id: )(\w+)', r'\1%s' %
args['changeid'], commit_message)
args['changeid'] = None
if cq_depends:
commit_message = re.sub(
r'(Change-Id: \w+)',
r'%s\n\1' % '\n'.join('Cq-Depend: %s' % c for c in cq_depends),
# decorate it that it's from outside
commit_message = args['tag'] + commit_message
# commit everything
_git(['commit', '--amend', '-F', '-'], stdin=commit_message)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':