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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-"
# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing methods interfacing with git
i.e Parsing git logs for change-id, full commit sha's, etc.
from __future__ import print_function
import logging
import re
import subprocess
import common
def _git_check_output(path, command):
git_cmd = ['git', '-C', path] + command
return subprocess.check_output(git_cmd, encoding='utf-8', errors='ignore',
def get_upstream_fullsha(abbrev_sha):
"""Returns the full upstream sha for an abbreviated 12 digit sha using git cli"""
upstream_absolute_path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.UPSTREAM_PATH)
cmd = ['rev-parse', abbrev_sha]
full_sha = _git_check_output(upstream_absolute_path, cmd)
return full_sha.rstrip()
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
raise type(e)('Could not find full upstream sha for %s' % abbrev_sha, e.cmd) from e
def _get_commit_message(kernel_path, sha):
"""Returns the commit message for a sha in a given local path to kernel."""
cmd = ['log', '--format=%B', '-n', '1', sha]
commit_message = _git_check_output(kernel_path, cmd)
# Single newline following commit message
return commit_message.rstrip() + '\n'
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
raise type(e)('Couldnt retrieve commit in kernel path %s for sha %s'
% (kernel_path, sha), e.cmd) from e
def get_upstream_commit_message(upstream_sha):
"""Returns the commit message for a given upstream sha using git cli."""
upstream_absolute_path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.UPSTREAM_PATH)
return _get_commit_message(upstream_absolute_path, upstream_sha)
def get_chrome_commit_message(chrome_sha):
"""Returns the commit message for a given chrome sha using git cli."""
chrome_absolute_path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.CHROMEOS_PATH)
return _get_commit_message(chrome_absolute_path, chrome_sha)
def get_merge_sha(branch, sha):
"""Returns SHA of merge commit for provided SHA if available"""
chrome_absolute_path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.CHROMEOS_PATH)
# Get list of merges in <branch> since <sha>
cmd = ['log', '--format=%h', '--abbrev=12', '--ancestry-path', '--merges',
'%s..%s' % (sha, branch)]
sha_list = _git_check_output(chrome_absolute_path, cmd)
if not sha_list:'No merge commit for sha %s in branch %s', sha, branch)
return None
# merge_sha is our presumed merge commit
merge_sha = sha_list.splitlines()[-1]
# Verify if <sha> is indeed part of the merge
cmd = ['log', '--format=%h', '--abbrev=12', '%s~1..%s' % (merge_sha, merge_sha)]
sha_list = _git_check_output(chrome_absolute_path, cmd)
if sha_list and sha in sha_list.splitlines():
return merge_sha'Merge commit for sha %s found as %s, but sha is missing in merge',
sha, merge_sha)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:'Error "%s" while trying to find merge commit for sha %s in branch %s',
e, sha, branch)
return None
def get_commit_changeid_linux_chrome(kernel_sha):
"""Returns the changeid of the kernel_sha commit by parsing linux_chrome git log.
kernel_sha will be one of linux_stable or linux_chrome commits.
chrome_absolute_path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.CHROMEOS_PATH)
cmd = ['log', '--format=%B', '-n', '1', kernel_sha]
commit_message = _git_check_output(chrome_absolute_path, cmd)
m = re.findall('^Change-Id: (I[a-z0-9]{40})$', commit_message, re.M)
# Get last change-id in case chrome sha cherry-picked/reverted into new commit
return m[-1]
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
raise type(e)('Couldnt retrieve changeid for commit %s' % kernel_sha, e.cmd) from e
except IndexError as e:
# linux_stable kernel_sha's do not have an associated ChangeID
return None
def get_tag_emails_linux_chrome(sha):
"""Returns unique list of or e-mails.
The returned lust of e-mails is associated with tags found after
the last 'cherry picked from commit' message in the commit identified
by sha. Tags and e-mails are found by parsing the commit log.
sha is expected to be be a commit in linux_stable or in linux_chrome.
absolute_path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.CHROMEOS_PATH)
cmd = ['log', '--format=%B', '-n', '1', sha]
commit_message = _git_check_output(absolute_path, cmd)
# If the commit has been cherry-picked, use subsequent tags to create
# list of reviewers. Otherwise, use all tags. Either case, only return
# e-mail addresses from Google domains.
s = commit_message.split('cherry picked from commit')
tags = 'Signed-off-by|Reviewed-by|Tested-by|Commit-Queue'
domains = '|'
m = '^(?:%s): .* <(.*@(?:%s))>$' % (tags, domains)
emails = re.findall(m, s[-1], re.M)
if not emails:
# Final fallback: In some situations, "cherry picked from"
# is at the very end of the commit description, with no
# subsequent tags. If that happens, look for tags in the
# entire description.
emails = re.findall(m, commit_message, re.M)
return list(set(emails))
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
raise type(e)('Could not retrieve tag e-mails for commit %s' % sha, e.cmd) from e
except IndexError:
# sha does do not have a recognized tag
return None
# match "vX.Y[.Z][.rcN]"
version = re.compile(r'(v[0-9]+(?:\.[0-9]+)+(?:-rc[0-9]+)?)\s*')
def get_integrated_tag(sha):
"""For a given SHA, find the first upstream tag that includes it."""
path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(common.UPSTREAM_PATH)
cmd = ['describe', '--match', 'v*', '--contains', sha]
tag = _git_check_output(path, cmd)
return version.match(tag).group()
except AttributeError:
return None
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
return None
class commitHandler:
"""Class to control active accesses on a git repository"""
commit_list = { }
def __init__(self, kernel, branch=None, full_reset=True):
self.kernel = kernel
self.metadata = common.get_kernel_metadata(kernel)
if not branch:
branch = self.metadata.branches[0]
self.branch = branch
self.branchname = self.metadata.get_kernel_branch(branch)
self.path = common.get_kernel_absolute_path(self.metadata.path)
self.status = 'unknown'
self.full_reset = full_reset
if kernel not in self.commit_list:
self.commit_list[kernel] = { }
current_branch_cmd = ['symbolic-ref', '-q', '--short', 'HEAD']
self.current_branch = self.__git_check_output(current_branch_cmd).rstrip()
def __base_tag(self):
"""Return base tag for selected branch
The base tag is derived from the tag template in metadata or,
if the tag template is empty, from the most recent tag in the
selected branch.
if self.metadata.tag_template:
return self.metadata.tag_template % self.branch
# Pick base tag from most recent tag in branch (self.branchname)
cmd = ['describe', '--abbrev=0', self.branchname]
return self.__git_check_output(cmd).rstrip()
def __git_command(self, command):
return ['git', '-C', self.path] + command
def __git_check_output(self, command):
cmd = self.__git_command(command)
return subprocess.check_output(cmd, encoding='utf-8', errors='ignore')
def __git_run(self, command):
cmd = self.__git_command(command), check=True)
def __reset_hard_ref(self, reference):
"""Force reset to provided reference"""
reset_cmd = ['reset', '-q', '--hard', reference]
def __reset_hard_head(self):
"""Force hard reset to git head in checked out branch"""
def __reset_hard_origin(self):
"""Force hard reset to head of remote branch"""
self.__reset_hard_ref('origin/%s' % self.branchname)
def __checkout_and_clean(self):
"""Clean up uncommitted files in branch and checkout to be up to date with origin."""
clean_untracked = ['clean', '-d', '-x', '-f', '-q']
checkout = ['checkout', '-q', self.branchname]
if self.current_branch != self.branchname:
self.current_branch = self.branchname
if self.full_reset:
def __setup(self, branch=None):
"""Local setup function, to be called for each access.
Also sets the active branch if provided.
if branch and branch != self.branch:
self.branch = branch
self.branchname = self.metadata.get_kernel_branch(branch)
self.status = 'unknown'
if self.status == 'unknown':
elif self.status == 'changed':
self.status = 'clean'
def __search_subject(self, sha):
"""Check if subject associated with 'sha' exists in the current branch"""
# Retrieve subject line of provided SHA
cmd = ['log', '--pretty=format:%s', '-n', '1', sha]
subject = self.__git_check_output(cmd)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
logging.error('Failed to get subject for sha %s', sha)
return False
commit_list = self.commit_list[self.kernel]
if self.branch not in commit_list:
cmd = ['log', '--no-merges', '--format=%s',
'%s..%s' % (self.__base_tag(), self.branchname)]
subjects = self.__git_check_output(cmd)
commit_list[self.branch] = subjects.splitlines()
# The following is a raw search which will match, for example, a revert of a commit.
# A better method to check if commits have been applied would be desirable.
subjects = commit_list[self.branch]
return any(subject in s for s in subjects)
def __get_git_push_cmd(self, reviewers):
"""Generates git push command with added reviewers and autogenerated tag.
Read more about gerrit tags here:
reviewers_tag = ['r=%s'% r for r in reviewers]
autogenerated_tag = ['t=autogenerated']
tags = ','.join(reviewers_tag + autogenerated_tag)
head = 'HEAD:refs/for/%s%%%s' % (self.branchname, tags)
return ['push', 'origin', head]
def fetch(self, remote=None):
"""Fetch changes from provided remote or from origin"""
if not remote:
remote = 'origin'
fetch_cmd = ['fetch', '-q', remote]
self.status = 'changed'
def pull(self, branch=None):
"""Pull changes from remote repository into provided or default branch"""
pull_cmd = ['pull', '-q']
def cherry_pick_and_push(self, fixer_upstream_sha, fixer_changeid, fix_commit_message,
"""Cherry picks upstream commit into chrome repo.
Adds reviewers and autogenerated tag with the pushed commit.
self.status = 'changed'
self.__git_run(['cherry-pick', '-n', fixer_upstream_sha])
self.__git_run(['commit', '-s', '-m', fix_commit_message])
# commit has been cherry-picked and committed locally, precommit hook
# in git repository adds changeid to the commit message. Pick it unless
# we already have one passed as parameter.
if not fixer_changeid:
fixer_changeid = get_commit_changeid_linux_chrome('HEAD')
# Sometimes the commit hook doesn't attach the Change-Id to the last
# paragraph in the commit message. This seems to happen if the commit
# message includes '---' which would normally identify the start of
# comments. If the Change-Id is not in the last paragraph, uploading
# the patch is rejected by Gerrit. Force-move the Change-Id to the end
# of the commit message to solve the problem. This conveniently also
# replaces the auto-generated Change-Id with the optional Change-Id
# passed as parameter.
commit_message = get_chrome_commit_message('HEAD')
commit_message = re.sub(r'Change-Id:.*\n?', '', commit_message)
commit_message = commit_message.rstrip()
commit_message += '\nChange-Id: %s' % fixer_changeid
self.__git_run(['commit', '--amend', '-m', commit_message])
git_push_cmd = self.__get_git_push_cmd(reviewers)
return fixer_changeid
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
raise ValueError('Failed to cherrypick and push upstream fix %s on branch %s'
% (fixer_upstream_sha, self.branchname)) from e
self.status = 'changed'
def cherrypick_status(self, sha, branch=None, apply=True):
"""cherry-pick provided sha into repository and branch identified by this class instance
Return Status Enum:
MERGED if the patch has already been applied,
OPEN if the patch is missing and applies cleanly,
CONFLICT if the patch is missing and fails to apply.
ret = None
applied = self.__search_subject(sha)
if applied:
ret = common.Status.MERGED
raise ValueError
if not apply:
raise ValueError
result =['cherry-pick', '-n', sha]),
if result:
ret = common.Status.CONFLICT
raise ValueError
diff = self.__git_check_output(['diff', 'HEAD'])
if diff:
ret = common.Status.OPEN
raise ValueError
ret = common.Status.MERGED
except ValueError:
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
ret = common.Status.CONFLICT
self.status = 'clean'
return ret