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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-"
# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing methods interfacing with gerrit.
i.e Create new bugfix change tickets, and reading metadata about a specific change.
Example CURL command that creates CL:
curl -b /home/chromeos_patches/.git-credential-cache/cookie \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data \
from __future__ import print_function
import logging
import json
import http
import os
import re
import requests
import common
import git_interface
def get_auth_cookie():
"""Load cookies in order to authenticate requests with gerrit/googlesource."""
# This cookie should exist in order to perform GAIA authenticated requests
gerrit_credentials_cookies = \
http.cookiejar.MozillaCookieJar(common.GCE_GIT_COOKIE_PATH, None, None)
return gerrit_credentials_cookies
except FileNotFoundError:
gerrit_credentials_cookies = \
http.cookiejar.MozillaCookieJar(common.LOCAL_GIT_COOKIE_PATH, None, None)
return gerrit_credentials_cookies
except FileNotFoundError:
logging.error('Could not locate gitcookies file. Generate cookie file and try again')
logging.error('If running locally, ensure gitcookies file is located at ~/.gitcookies')
logging.error('Learn more by visiting go/gob-dev#testing-user-authentication')
def retrieve_and_parse_endpoint(endpoint_url):
"""Retrieves Gerrit endpoint response and removes XSSI prefix )]}'"""
resp = requests.get(endpoint_url, cookies=get_auth_cookie())
resp_json = json.loads(resp.text[5:])
except requests.exceptions.HTTPError as e:
raise type(e)('Endpoint %s should have HTTP response 200' % endpoint_url) from e
except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError as e:
raise ValueError('Response should contain json )]} prefix to prevent XSSI attacks') from e
return resp_json
def set_and_parse_endpoint(endpoint_url, payload=None):
"""POST request to gerrit endpoint with specified payload."""
resp =, json=payload, cookies=get_auth_cookie())
resp_json = json.loads(resp.text[5:])
except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError as e:
raise ValueError('Response should contain json )]} prefix to prevent XSSI attacks') from e
return resp_json
def get_full_changeid(changeid, branch):
"""Returns the changeid with url-encoding in project~branch~changeid format."""
project = 'chromiumos%2Fthird_party%2Fkernel'
chromeos_branch = common.chromeos_branch(branch)
return '{project}~{branch}~{changeid}'.format(project=project,
def get_reviewers(changeid, branch):
"""Retrieves list of reviewer emails from gerrit given a chromeos changeid."""
unique_changeid = get_full_changeid(changeid, branch)
list_reviewers_endpoint = os.path.join(common.CHROMIUM_REVIEW_BASEURL, 'changes',
unique_changeid, 'reviewers')
resp = retrieve_and_parse_endpoint(list_reviewers_endpoint)
return [reviewer_resp['email'] for reviewer_resp in resp]
except KeyError as e:
raise type(e)('Gerrit API endpoint to list reviewers should contain key email') from e
def abandon_change(changeid, branch, reason=None):
"""Abandons a change."""
unique_changeid = get_full_changeid(changeid, branch)
abandon_change_endpoint = os.path.join(common.CHROMIUM_REVIEW_BASEURL, 'changes',
unique_changeid, 'abandon')
abandon_payload = {'message': reason} if reason else None
set_and_parse_endpoint(abandon_change_endpoint, abandon_payload)'Abandoned changeid %s on Gerrit', changeid)
except requests.exceptions.HTTPError as e:
if e.response.status_code == http.HTTPStatus.CONFLICT:'Change %s for branch %s has already been abandoned', changeid, branch)
def restore_change(changeid, branch, reason=None):
"""Restores an abandoned change."""
unique_changeid = get_full_changeid(changeid, branch)
restore_change_endpoint = os.path.join(common.CHROMIUM_REVIEW_BASEURL, 'changes',
unique_changeid, 'restore')
restore_payload = {'message': reason} if reason else None
set_and_parse_endpoint(restore_change_endpoint, restore_payload)'Restored changeid %s on Gerrit', changeid)
except requests.exceptions.HTTPError as e:
if e.response.status_code == http.HTTPStatus.CONFLICT:'Change %s for branch %s has already been restored', changeid, branch)
def get_change(changeid, branch):
"""Retrieves ChangeInfo from gerrit using its changeid"""
unique_changeid = get_full_changeid(changeid, branch)
get_change_endpoint = os.path.join(common.CHROMIUM_REVIEW_BASEURL, 'changes',
return retrieve_and_parse_endpoint(get_change_endpoint)
def set_hashtag(changeid, branch):
"""Set hashtag to be autogenerated indicating a robot generated CL."""
unique_changeid = get_full_changeid(changeid, branch)
set_hashtag_endpoint = os.path.join(common.CHROMIUM_REVIEW_BASEURL, 'changes',
unique_changeid, 'hashtags')
hashtag_input_payload = {'add' : ['autogenerated']}
set_and_parse_endpoint(set_hashtag_endpoint, hashtag_input_payload)
def get_status(changeid, branch):
"""Retrieves the latest status of a changeid by checking gerrit."""
change_info = get_change(changeid, branch)
return change_info['status']
def get_bug_test_line(chrome_sha):
"""Retrieve BUG and TEST lines from the chrome sha."""
# stable fixes don't have a fixee changeid
bug_test_line = 'BUG=%s\nTEST=%s'
bug = test = None
if not chrome_sha:
return bug_test_line % (bug, test)
chrome_commit_msg = git_interface.get_chrome_commit_message(chrome_sha)
bug_matches = re.findall('^BUG=(.*)$', chrome_commit_msg, re.M)
test_matches = re.findall('^TEST=(.*)$', chrome_commit_msg, re.M)
if bug_matches:
bug = bug_matches[-1]
if bug is None or bug == 'None':
bug = 'None (see commit %s)' % chrome_sha
if test_matches:
test = test_matches[-1]
return bug_test_line % (bug, test)
def generate_fix_message(fixer_upstream_sha, bug_test_line):
"""Generates new commit message for a fix change.
Use script ./contrib/ to generate new commit msg
Commit message should include essential information:
commit message indiciating what is happening
tag for Fixes: <upstream-sha>
fix_upstream_commit_msg = git_interface.get_upstream_commit_message(fixer_upstream_sha)
upstream_full_sha = git_interface.get_upstream_fullsha(fixer_upstream_sha)
cherry_picked = '(cherry picked from commit %s)\n\n'% upstream_full_sha
commit_message = ('UPSTREAM: {fix_commit_msg}'
cherry_picked=cherry_picked, bug_test_line=bug_test_line)
return commit_message
def create_change(fixee_kernel_sha, fixer_upstream_sha, branch, is_chromeos, fixer_changeid=None):
"""Creates a Patch in gerrit given a ChangeInput object.
Determines whether a change for a fix has already been created,
and avoids duplicate creations.
cwd = os.getcwd()
chromeos_branch = common.chromeos_branch(branch)
if is_chromeos:
fixee_changeid = git_interface.get_commit_changeid_linux_chrome(fixee_kernel_sha)
chrome_kernel_sha = fixee_kernel_sha
if not fixee_changeid:
# This may be a merge. Try to find its merge commit.
merge_sha = git_interface.get_merge_sha(chromeos_branch, fixee_kernel_sha)
if merge_sha:
chrome_kernel_sha = merge_sha
fixee_changeid = git_interface.get_commit_changeid_linux_chrome(merge_sha)
fixee_changeid = None
chrome_kernel_sha = None
bug_test_line = get_bug_test_line(chrome_kernel_sha)
fix_commit_message = generate_fix_message(fixer_upstream_sha, bug_test_line)
# TODO(hirthanan): find relevant mailing list/reviewers
# For now we will assign it to a default user like Guenter?
# This is for stable bug fix patches that don't have a direct fixee changeid
# since groups of stable commits get merged as one changeid
reviewers = ['']
if fixee_changeid:
cl_reviewers = get_reviewers(fixee_changeid, branch)
if cl_reviewers:
reviewers = cl_reviewers
except requests.exceptions.HTTPError:
# There is a Change-Id in the commit log, but Gerrit does not have a
# matching entry. Fall back to list of e-mails found in tags after
# the last "cherry picked" message.
logging.warning('Failed to get reviewer(s) from gerrit for Change-Id %s', fixee_changeid)
emails = git_interface.get_tag_emails_linux_chrome(fixee_kernel_sha)
if emails:
reviewers = emails
# Cherry pick changes and generate commit message indicating fix from upstream
handler = git_interface.commitHandler(common.Kernel.linux_chrome, branch)
fixer_changeid = handler.cherry_pick_and_push(fixer_upstream_sha, fixer_changeid,
fix_commit_message, reviewers)
except ValueError:
# Error cherry-picking and pushing fix patch
return None
return fixer_changeid