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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-"
# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing shared helper methods."""
from __future__ import print_function
import logging
import os
import re
import time
from enum import Enum
import subprocess
import MySQLdb # pylint: disable=import-error
import initdb_upstream
import initdb_stable
import initdb_chromeos
UPSTREAM_REPO = KERNEL_SITE + 'pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux'
STABLE_REPO = KERNEL_SITE + 'pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable'
STABLE_RC_REPO = KERNEL_SITE + 'pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable-rc'
CHROMEOS_KERNEL_DIR = 'chromiumos/third_party/kernel'
# Order BRANCHES from oldest to newest
CHROMEOS_BRANCHES = ['4.4', '4.14', '4.19', '5.4', '5.10']
STABLE_BRANCHES = ['4.4', '4.9', '4.14', '4.19', '5.4', '5.10', '5.11']
CHROMEOS_PATH = 'linux_chrome'
STABLE_PATH = 'linux_stable'
STABLE_RC_PATH = 'linux_stable_rc'
UPSTREAM_PATH = 'linux_upstream'
WORKDIR = os.getcwd()
HOMEDIR = os.path.expanduser('~')
GCE_GIT_COOKIE_PATH = os.path.join(HOMEDIR, '.git-credential-cache/cookie')
LOCAL_GIT_COOKIE_PATH = os.path.join(HOMEDIR, '.gitcookies')
class Status(Enum):
"""Text representation of database enum to track status of gerrit CL."""
OPEN = 1 # Gerrit ticket was created for clean fix patch
MERGED = 2 # Gerrit ticket was merged and closed
ABANDONED = 3 # Gerrit ticket was abandoned
CONFLICT = 4 # Gerrit ticket NOT created since patch doesn't apply properly
class Kernel(Enum):
"""Enum representing which Kernel we are representing."""
linux_stable = 1
linux_stable_rc = 2
linux_chrome = 3
linux_upstream = 4
class KernelMetadata():
"""Object to group kernel Metadata."""
path = None
repo = None
kernel_fixes_table = None
branches = None
tag_template = None
get_kernel_branch = None
update_table = None
def __init__(self, _path, _repo, _kernel_fixes_table, _branches, _tag_template,
_get_kernel_branch, _update_table):
self.path = _path
self.repo = _repo
self.kernel_fixes_table = _kernel_fixes_table
self.branches = _branches
self.tag_template = _tag_template
self.get_kernel_branch = _get_kernel_branch
self.update_table = _update_table
def get_current_time():
"""Returns DATETIME in specific time format required by SQL."""
return time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%:%S')
def stable_branch(version):
"""Stable branch name"""
return 'linux-%s.y' % version
def chromeos_branch(version):
"""Chromeos branch name"""
return 'chromeos-%s' % version
def search_upstream_sha(kernel_sha):
"""Search for upstream sha that kernel_sha is cherry-picked from.
If found, return upstream_sha, otherwise return None.
usha = None
desc = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'show', '-s', kernel_sha],
encoding='utf-8', errors='ignore')
# "commit" is sometimes seen multiple times, such as with commit 6093aabdd0ee
m = re.findall(r'cherry picked from (?:commit )+([0-9a-f]+)', desc, re.M)
if not m:
m = re.findall(r'^\s*(?:commit )+([a-f0-9]+) upstream', desc, re.M)
if not m:
m = re.findall(r'^\s*\[\s*Upstream (?:commit )+([0-9a-f]+)\s*\]', desc, re.M)
if m:
# The patch may have been picked multiple times; only record the last entry.
usha = m[-1]
return usha[:12]
return usha
def patch_link(changeID):
"""Link to patch on gerrit"""
return '' % changeID
def update_previous_fetch(db, kernel, branch, last_sha):
"""Updates the previous_fetch table for a kernel branch."""
c = db.cursor()
q = """UPDATE previous_fetch
SET sha_tip = %s
WHERE linux = %s AND branch = %s"""
c.execute(q, [last_sha,, branch])
def get_kernel_absolute_path(repo_name):
"""Returns absolute path to kernel repositories"""
return os.path.join(HOMEDIR, 'kernel_repositories', repo_name)
def update_kernel_db(db, kernel_metadata):
"""Update (upstream/stable/chrome) previous_fetch, fixes and commits SQL tables."""
path = kernel_metadata.path
for branch in kernel_metadata.branches:
start = kernel_metadata.tag_template % branch'Handling %s', kernel_metadata.get_kernel_branch(branch))
c = db.cursor()
q = """SELECT sha_tip
FROM previous_fetch
WHERE linux = %s AND branch = %s"""
c.execute(q, [path, branch])
sha = c.fetchone()
if sha and sha[0]:
start = sha[0]
q = """INSERT INTO previous_fetch (linux, branch, sha_tip)
VALUES (%s, %s, %s)"""
c.execute(q, [path, branch, start])
except MySQLdb.Error as e: # pylint: disable=no-member
logging.error('Make sure the tables have been initialized in \
raise e
kernel_metadata.update_table(branch, start, db)
def get_kernel_metadata(kernel):
"""Returns KernelMetadata for each Kernel Enum"""
stable_kernel_metadata = KernelMetadata(STABLE_PATH, STABLE_REPO, 'stable_fixes',
STABLE_BRANCHES, 'v%s', stable_branch, initdb_stable.update_stable_table)
stable_rc_kernel_metadata = KernelMetadata(STABLE_RC_PATH, STABLE_RC_REPO, 'stable_fixes',
STABLE_BRANCHES, None, stable_branch, initdb_stable.update_stable_table)
chrome_kernel_metadata = KernelMetadata(CHROMEOS_PATH, CHROMEOS_REPO, 'chrome_fixes',
CHROMEOS_BRANCHES, 'v%s', chromeos_branch, initdb_chromeos.update_chrome_table)
upstream_kernel_metadata = KernelMetadata(UPSTREAM_PATH, UPSTREAM_REPO, 'upstream_fixes',
[UPSTREAM_START_BRANCH], '%s', lambda *args: 'master',
kernel_metadata_lookup = {
Kernel.linux_stable: stable_kernel_metadata,
Kernel.linux_stable_rc: stable_rc_kernel_metadata,
Kernel.linux_chrome: chrome_kernel_metadata,
Kernel.linux_upstream: upstream_kernel_metadata
return kernel_metadata_lookup[kernel]
except KeyError as e:
raise KeyError('Conditionals should match Kernel Enum types.', e) from e