Chromacs - Repo, Gerrit, & Emacs

Chromacs is an Emacs extension for the integration of workflows with the Repo tool & Gerrit into Emacs. This project is WIP and is currently focused on delivering better Emacs-Gerrit integration.



  • libcurl
  • request.el
  • magit

Clone ChromiumOS dev-util codebase:

git clone

Add the following to your init.el script.

(add-to-list 'load-path

(use-package gerrit :ensure nil)
(use-package gerrit-section :ensure nil)
(use-package repo-transient: ensure nil)

(setq gerrit-repo-root

;; These could be any number of different hosts.
(setq gerrit-hosts
  '( ""


Invoking the gerrit-comments command will fetch comments and show a buffer wiith changes that contain comments on recent CLs. The buffer is similar to any magit style buffer, with the same navigation key bindings, see magit-section.

Every highlighted filepath is also a button that navigates you to the location under comment.

The comments can be refreshed at any point by invoking gerrit-comments again.

Gerrit Comments Buffer

Repo Menu

Note: This is still an experimental feature. In particular, repo start is not fully working yet.

Invoke the repo-main-menu command.

Enter the main menu.

Repo Main Menu

Try uploading a CL

Repo Upload Menu

Feedback & Questions

Any questions or feedback is greatly appreciated!

Chromacs Group