emacs for Chrome OS

This directory contains projects for using emacs as editor for Chrome OS.

Tips for setting up emacs for Chrome OS

BUILD.gn and .gni files

There is a copy of gn mode in chrome browser source tree for editing gn files.


(load-file "path/to/chromium/src/tools/emacs/gn.el")

ebuild files

Try using the ebuild mode.

$ git clone https://anongit.gentoo.org/git/proj/ebuild-mode.git
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/path/to/ebuild-mode/")
(load-library "~/src/ebuild-mode/ebuild-mode.el")

Gerrit integration.

See Chromacs gerrit integration for how to integrate with gerrit.

cros_sdk tramp integration.

In your .emacs configuration file, load cros-sdk-tramp.el, and set up the path to your CrOS checkout.

(setq cros-sdk-tramp-src-path "~/src/path/to/cros")
(load-file "~/path/to/cros-sdk-tramp.el")

Then find file with path starting /cros:: would use the right path, things like M-x shell will start a cros_sdk. Because cros_sdk invokes sudo you will be asked password.

Make sure you ask no when asked to store your corp password.

M-x compile for example with cros_workon_make --test --board=rammus-arc-r debugd will start compilation inside the chroot in the compilation buffer and the next-error would find the right source location.

cros-sdk-tramp-rotate-among-files utility is provided to switch between inside chroot and outside.

To make cros_sdk smooth you may want to tweak your sudo configuration