dev-install: update path

Portage has started installing this into python-versioned subdirs:

Use a glob to pick up old/new paths.

TEST=`cbuildbot amd64-generic-full` passes (includes vmtest/dev-install tests)

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Trybot-Ready: Mike Frysinger <>
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diff --git a/dev-install/dev_install b/dev-install/dev_install
index 422d90c..c2a5f22 100755
--- a/dev-install/dev_install
+++ b/dev-install/dev_install
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
   # Add LD_LIBRARY_PATH within
   # TODO(arkaitzr): find out a cleaner way to do this.
   sed -i "3 a\export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=\"${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}\"" \
-      /usr/local/lib/portage/bin/
+      /usr/local/lib/portage/*/
   # Check for package.provided from $BINHOST.
   local package_provided="${BINHOST}/package.provided"