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How to build & run a test in the container (All of these steps are outside chroot)

Setup the artifacts for build:

1.) cd to


2.) Run the following command:

export chroot_path=path/to/your/chroot/base && export sysroot_path=build/<a board that you have built> && export output_path=<where in the sysroot you want the artifacts to go> && sh`


export chroot_path=/usr/local/google/home/ldap/drive2/chromiumos/chroot && export sysroot_path=build/hana && export output_path=tmp/dockerout && sh

Build the container

3.) cd to the output. Example:

cd ../chroot/build/hana/tmp/dockerout/

4.) Run:

docker build -t testcontainer -f Dockerfile .

Run the test via testexecservice

5.) cd to src/platform/dev/test/container/utils

6.) Run with your required args:

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: You must create a request.json with a valid test/DUT. See tauto example and tast example

Example of foreground cmd only (pastes the command, you can copy/paste to start it)

python3 --build=autotest_jul19 --input_json=../../../src/chromiumos/test/execution/data/tauto.json --results=/usr/local/google/home/dbeckett/drive2/cros_2021/chroot/tmp/dockertest --foreground --cmd_only

Example of self running (It launches docker, runs, exits, all in background, provides results dir):

python3 --build=autotest_jul19 --input_json=../../../src/chromiumos/test/execution/data/tauto.json --results=/usr/local/google/home/dbeckett/drive2/cros_2021/chroot/tmp/dockertest --cmd_only