cros_bundle_firmware: update mmc flashing syntax

2013.01 upstream u-boot has a different mechanism for selecting boot
partition.  Instead of specifying it in the "mmc read" or "mmc write"
command, it is specified during "mmc open".  Wrap the read and write
commands with an "mmc open" / "mmc close" to select the boot

TEST=flashed on puppy with: "cros_bundle_firmware --board=puppy
  --flash=mmc --write=usb
  --dt=/build/puppy/firmware/dts/tegra114-dalmore.dts --servo=none"

Change-Id: If14f20771d38982cd610df12a4510900cda045fe
Signed-off-by: Allen Martin <>
Reviewed-by: Tom Warren <>
Reviewed-by: Simon Glass <>
1 file changed