CHROMIUM: scripts: Add script to automate stable tree merges

Merge a stable release into a CrOS branch.

Usage: merge-kernel [options] tag

  tag           Tag, branch, or SHA to merge. Must be either a valid stable
                branch release tag, a valid branch name, or a valid SHA.

  -b bug-id[,bug-id] ...
                Bug-id or list of bug IDs. Must be valid buganizer or chromium
                bug ID. Mandatory unless the merge branch already exists
                locally or in Gerrit.
  -c change-id  Change-Id as used by Gerrit. Optional.
  -d deadline   Feedback deadline in days (default: 3)
  -f            Force. Override existing Change-Id and bug number.
  -h            Display help text and exit.
  -l change-id  Apply patch extracted from CL:change-id prior to merge.
                May be repeated multiple times.
  -n            Send notification e-mail to
  -q dependency Add dependency (CQ-DEPEND=<dependency>)
  -p            Prepare for upload into Gerrit. Implied if -u is specified.
  -r            Name of branch to base merge on. Determined from stable
                release tag or from target branch name if not provided.
                Must be existing local branch. Will be pushed into gerrit
                as part of the merge process if not already available in
                gerrit, and has to follow gerrit commit rules.
  -s            Simulate, or dry-run. Don't actually push anything into
                gerrit, and don't send e-mails.
  -S            Specify Subject to be used in the merge commit.
  -t            Target branch name. The branch must exist in the Chrome OS
  -u            Upload merge into Gerrit.
  -x patchfile  Specify a patch file, to be applied after the merge,
                but before the merge is committed.

Change-Id: If51151a0b330675d760ec6cc14423e71d53e6f78
Signed-off-by: Guenter Roeck <>
Tested-by: Zubin Mithra <>
Reviewed-by: Zubin Mithra <>
1 file changed