Revert " Allow max_updates through update URL"

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> Allow max_updates through update URL
> Currently in order to put a ceiling on the number of updates that can be
> performed in a devserver, we need to spawn a new devserver with flag
> --max_updates. The problem is now for each run of an autotest, they
> should spwan a new devserver alongside the lab devservers which is not
> ideal.
> We solve this problem by dynamically configuring the devserver
> using a unique identifier. This is done by calling into 'session_id' API
> of the devserver. Then clients can send their requests appending this
> session_id to be responded likewise.
> For maximum updates, we first configure the devserver to set a
> 'max_updates' data for a unique session ID. Then client can send
> requests using the session ID as a query string be capped on the number
> of updates they get.
> BUG=chromium:1004489
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Bug: chromium:1004489
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