findmissing: Make fixes table argument optional

The SHA is typically sufficient to identify a specific commit.
In most cases, having to specify the affected table (stable or chrome)
is just a nuisance. On top of that, the current implementation makes
it difficult to find entries where a single patch fixes problems
in different tables. Make the affected table an optional argument.

This change enables output such as:

$ ./findmissing status b6aa06de7757
Table   Branch  SHA             Fixed by SHA    Status
stable  5.4     1fa27418054f    b6aa06de7757    OPEN
chrome  4.14    3068f5d40e65    b6aa06de7757    ABANDONED
chrome  4.14    bad5e0c830c8    b6aa06de7757    OPEN

If a provided SHA exists more than once in any affected table,
the '-f' parameter is still needed to enforce an action.

TEST=Run various findmissing commands

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