new_variant: remove cb_variant from cq-depend

The cq-depend line can only specify CLs on the chromium or
chrome-internal gerrit instances. The 'cb_variant' step is a CL in
the coreboot gerrit, so remove it from the depends list for all
variants that use
For Zork variants that are using coreboot-zork, remove the 'find'
step, as this step looks for an upstream CL that we won't have on
Zork for now.
To ensure that `git filter-branch` (which adds the Cq-Depend line)
will succeed, add the -f option so that remnants of previous
filter-branch operations won't cause a failure.

TEST=create a new variant and get it to the add_cq_depend step. Verify
that the fw_build_config CL does not include a CL in its cq-depend
line that starts with coreboot:

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