Revert "cros_choose_profile: do nothing if selected profile is the same"

This reverts commit 80eefa9b82532318cbbfcbb52faa9ac9c063d146 links to the log where this broke the full builders.
Change-Id: I041a3bcace892311d33af49b9843982f8d6d5107
Reviewed-by: Elly Jones <>
Tested-by: Jon Kliegman <>
diff --git a/host/cros_choose_profile b/host/cros_choose_profile
index 0ba1c08..0b2476f 100755
--- a/host/cros_choose_profile
+++ b/host/cros_choose_profile
@@ -136,8 +136,7 @@
   warn "will fail"
-CURR_PROFILE=$(readlink "${MAKE_PROFILE}" 2>/dev/null)
-if [[ ${CURR_PROFILE} != "${PROFILES_DIR}" ]]; then
+if [ -e "${MAKE_PROFILE}" ]; then
   warn "You are switching profiles for a board that is already setup.  This"
   warn "can cause trouble for Portage.  If you experience problems with"
   warn "build_packages you may need to run:"
@@ -148,5 +147,6 @@
   warn "'emerge-${BOARD_VARIANT} -c' or 'emerge-${BOARD_VARIANT} -C <ebuild>'"
   sudo rm -f "${MAKE_PROFILE}"
-  sudo ln -sf "${PROFILES_DIR}" "${MAKE_PROFILE}"
+sudo ln -sf "${PROFILES_DIR}" "${MAKE_PROFILE}"