build_image: Remove unused developer only glibc files.

This patch filters out some libc unused parts from the base image:

 * usr/bin/{getent,ldd}: Not used at runtime.
 * lib*/lib{memusage,pcprofile,SegFault}.so
 * usr/lib*/audit/*
 * lib*/libnss_*.so except for files and dns, which are the only ones
   specified by etc/nsswitch.conf.
 * lib*/libBrokenLocale*.so*: Not loaded by any package.

Parts of this patch were landed and reverted earlier on
due to the dependency on gconv files from the flashplayer, which is
tracked on issue 206111. This patch doesn't include the removal of
usr/*/gconv files.

TEST=./build_image --board=link works.
TEST=cbuildbot on gizmo-release and {x86,amd64,arm}-generic-full works
TEST=Booted image on link.

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