scripts: Setup storage for moblab vm

This CL adds a '--moblab' option to cros_start_vm for
starting an image with a moblab environment.

The moblab environment provides:
  - A 35GB disk for use by the VM
  - 4GB of allotted RAM
  - SSH from host to guest still works, you will need to
    follow the SSH instructions for moblab
    (ie. testing keys and ssh config)
  - Hostforwarding access of moblab webpages:
    - leads to the Mob* Monitor on the vm
    - leads to the AFE on the vm
  - Ethernet over USB connections from the vm to a DUT
    work. You need to specify the correct USB device for

TEST=Launched the VM and checked that storage was present,
checked that ssh worked and that I was able to access the
AFE and Mob* Monitor pages from the host.

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