update_kernel.sh: Do not copy firmwares to DUT, by default.

By default, running, in ~/trunk/src/scripts:
./update_kernel.sh DUT_IP

will upload to the DUT:
 1. kernel
 2. modules (/lib/modules/vX.Y.Z)
 3. firmware (/lib/firmware)

1+2 are necessary to get the kernel booting, but uploading firmwares
can lead to unintended breakage, as the firmwares are usually built
using other ebuilds (e.g graphics drivers, linux-firmware, etc),
leading to all sort of possible mismatches (outdated developer build
environment, accidental updating to too-recent firmware on old kernel).

TEST=./update_kernel.sh DUT_IP does not upload firmware
TEST=./update_kernel.sh --firmware DUT_IP does upload firmware

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