When generating os-release also add version/build IDs

TEST=image build and /etc/os-release has expected these fields set
CQ-DEPEND=CL:342485, CL:343549

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diff --git a/build_library/base_image_util.sh b/build_library/base_image_util.sh
index 7bf1d93..2796fbc 100755
--- a/build_library/base_image_util.sh
+++ b/build_library/base_image_util.sh
@@ -251,7 +251,9 @@
   # * /etc/os-release itself with docrashid
   # * /etc/os-release.d for fields created with do_osrelease_field
   sudo "${GCLIENT_ROOT}/chromite/bin/cros_generate_os_release" \
-    --root="${root_fs_dir}"
+    --root="${root_fs_dir}" \
+    --version="${CHROME_BRANCH}" \
+    --build_id="${CHROMEOS_VERSION_STRING}"
   # Create the boot.desc file which stores the build-time configuration
   # information needed for making the image bootable after creation with