Remove invocation of cros_workon from setup_board

This fixes a hole where upgrading from older chroots could:
- run chroot update scripts as part of the chroot update process
- chroot update scripts call setup_board
- setup_board invokes cros_workon
- cros_workon is a symlink in /usr/bin that exists because we haven't
  finishd upgrading the chroot (a successful upgrade will re-emerge
  chromeos-base/cros-devutils, removing the symlink)
- cros_workon the symlink points to src/scripts/cros_workon, which
  got upgraded by merely syncing sources
- the upgraded src/scripts/cros_workon always exits with an error code
  because its functionality has been moved
- we therefore cannot upgrade the chroot out of this mess.

Break this chain by just removing the callsite, which seems at first
glance to be mostly superfluous.


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