emerges chromeos-test-root in test_image_util.sh

After crosreview.com/177426 and crosreview.com/177409 land,
chromeos-test-root will be able to do both the following work
1) add additional upstart jobs (chromeos-base/chromeos-test-init)
2) install test ssh key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

This cl makes test_image_util.sh emerge chromeos-test-root
The next step following this cl is to remove
the old 350addTestAuthKeys script that was used to add ssh keys.

TEST=1) Pick the changes from crosreview.com/177426
and crosreview.com/177409, build a lumpy test image, confirmed
that the image works and we can ssh to it as root without password.
2) Manually removed 350addTestAuthKeys, repeat 1)


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