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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Contains utility functions for creating an imageloader supported image.
# Sign the image manifest!
sign_manifest() {
oci-container "$1" "${VBOOT_DEVKEYS_DIR}" "$1"
# Generate the imageloader.json.
generate_imageloader_manifest() {
local pkg_version="$1"
local output="$2"
local manifest="${output}/imageloader.json"
local image="${output}/image.squash"
local table="${output}/table"
gethash() {
local file="$1"
echo $(sha256sum <"${file}" | awk '{print $1}')
printf '{\n'
printf '"manifest-version": 1,\n'
printf '"version": "%s",\n' "${pkg_version}"
printf '"image-sha256-hash": "%s",\n' "$(gethash "${image}")"
printf '"table-sha256-hash": "%s"\n' "$(gethash "${table}")"
printf '}\n'
) >"${manifest}"
# Sanity check the generated manifest.
python -mjson.tool <"${manifest}" >/dev/null
sign_manifest "${output}"
# Sign the specified disk image using verity so we can load it with dm-verity
# at runtime. We don't allow algorithm selection -- sha256 should be good
# enough for everyone! :)
# Note: We write the verity command line to the "verity" variable as an output.
sign_disk_image() {
local img="$1"
local hashtree="${img}.hashtree"
verity=$(verity mode=create alg=sha256 salt="random" payload="${img}" \
cat "${hashtree}" >>"${img}"
rm "${hashtree}"
# Generates a squashfs image and its imageloader manifest from a source dir.
# The manifest is signed using oci_container keys.
# The output directory will contain the following:
# * image.squash: a squashfs image build from the source directory
# * table: text file containing verity commandline
# * imageloader.json: imageloader manifest
# * imageloader.sig.2: ECDSA signature of imageloader.json
generate_imageloader_image() {
local version="$1"
local src="$2"
local output="$3"
local img="${output}/image.squash"
if [[ ! -d "${src}" ]]; then
warn "Source directory not found: ${src}"
return 1
if [[ ! -d "${output}" ]]; then
warn "Output directory not found: ${output}"
return 1
info "Generating squashfs file ... "
local args=(
sudo mksquashfs "${src}" "${img}" "${args[@]}"
sudo chown $(id -u):$(id -g) "${img}"
info "Signing squashfs file ... "
local verity
sign_disk_image "${img}"
echo "${verity}" > "${output}/table"
info "Generating imageloader manifest ..."
generate_imageloader_manifest "${version}" "${output}"
return 0
# Creates a tar archive that contains imageloder supported image of a
# directory. See |generate_imageloader_image| for more info.
generate_and_tar_imageloader_image() {
local version="$1"
local src="$2"
local output="$3"
local image=$(mktemp -d)
generate_imageloader_image "0.0.1" "${src}" "${image}"
tar caf "${output}" -C "${image}" \
image.squash table imageloader.json imageloader.sig.2
rm -rf "${image}"