Disable ext4 metadata_csum feature when building images

e2fsprogs v1.44.0+ will enable this feature by default.  However, our
3.8 kernels (for e.g. falco) cannot mount these images.

TEST=build test image, flash it, check with tune2fs, boot on falco

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diff --git a/build_library/disk_layout_util.sh b/build_library/disk_layout_util.sh
index 04c2198..6f62967 100644
--- a/build_library/disk_layout_util.sh
+++ b/build_library/disk_layout_util.sh
@@ -418,7 +418,9 @@
     if [[ "${fs_uuid}" != "random" ]]; then
       uuid_option=( -U "${fs_uuid}" )
-    sudo mkfs.${fs_format} -F -q -O ext_attr \
+    # Disable metadata_csum for compatibility with 3.8 kernels
+    # (crbug.com/833643).
+    sudo mkfs.${fs_format} -F -q -O ext_attr,^metadata_csum \
         "${uuid_option[@]}" \
         -E lazy_itable_init=0 \
         -b ${fs_block_size} \