Copy the netrc into the chroot at entry.

This seems to be needed for acessing some of the chrome repositories.
Without it we get git clone hangs trying to sync.

TEST=local entry into chroot

Change-Id: Ia68a6486022e8d230572bad0f9031c3e5d36197c
(cherry picked from commit 45ebc4c9fc9cbf0af91773e4553ea8475d18cedb)
Tested-by: Peter Mayo <>
Reviewed-by: David James <>
diff --git a/sdk_lib/ b/sdk_lib/
index 53728e5..acdf8ef 100755
--- a/sdk_lib/
+++ b/sdk_lib/
@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@
   .gdata_cred.txt             # User/password for Google Docs on
   .gdata_token                # Auth token for Google Docs on
   .disable_build_stats_upload # Presence of file disables command stats upload
+  .netrc                      # May contain required source fetching credentials
 INNER_CHROME_ROOT=$FLAGS_chrome_root_mount  # inside chroot