setup_board: remove unused arguments

Remove several arguments that are not used internally. The arguments
also have no external usages.

TEST=cs to verify no usages, precq

Change-Id: I48a9966b710445f23863ba91edf2c1c53ab45b0d
Commit-Ready: Alex Klein <>
Tested-by: Alex Klein <>
Reviewed-by: Mike Frysinger <>
diff --git a/setup_board b/setup_board
index fafa546..e4e865e 100755
--- a/setup_board
+++ b/setup_board
@@ -34,13 +34,8 @@
 # not needed for the typical developer workflow.
 DEFINE_string accept_licenses "" \
   "Licenses to append to the accept list."
-DEFINE_string board_overlay "" \
-  "Location of the board overlay."
 DEFINE_integer jobs -1 \
   "How many packages to build in parallel at maximum."
-DEFINE_boolean latest_toolchain $FLAGS_FALSE \
-  "Use the latest ebuild for all toolchain packages (gcc, binutils, libc, \
-kernel). This overrides the other toolchain version options."
 DEFINE_string profile "" \
   "The portage configuration profile to use. Profile must be located in overlay-board/profiles"
 DEFINE_boolean quiet $FLAGS_FALSE \
@@ -49,14 +44,10 @@
   "Don't update toolchain automatically."
 DEFINE_boolean skip_chroot_upgrade $FLAGS_FALSE \
   "Don't run the chroot upgrade automatically; use with care."
-DEFINE_string toolchain "" \
-  "Toolchain.  For example: i686-pc-linux-gnu, armv7a-softfloat-linux-gnueabi"
 DEFINE_string variant "" \
   "Board variant."
 DEFINE_boolean regen_configs ${FLAGS_FALSE} \
   "Regenerate all config files (useful for modifying profiles w/out rebuild)."
-DEFINE_boolean chrome_binhost_only $FLAGS_FALSE \
-  "Only fetch packages from the Chrome binhost."
 DEFINE_boolean skip_board_pkg_init ${FLAGS_FALSE} \
   "Don't emerge any packages during setup_board into the board root."
 DEFINE_string board_root "" \