Modified grub.cfg to set default value based on partition priority

In this commit, template of grub.cfg is modified to set the default
parition to boot based on priority of the partition in the disk.
Grub reads the priority of partitions in the GPT disk with the help
of grub command "gptpriority". This change is required, say when
a new image is installed with image_to_live, system reboots to the
default image instead of newly installed image. This commit will
ensure the image booted is with high priority (in above case newly
installed image) instead of just booting default always. Note: This
above scenario works fine with coreboot, and the changes is to make
EFI boot behave the sameway

TEST=Tested by changing the parition priority manually using cgpt and
     verified that system boots to high priority image on reboot. And
     also verified image_to_live boots to newly installed image.


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