Specify JDK as openjdk-bin-11 upon entering chroot

TEST=// This test should be done when multiple version of JDK exist.
// Currently, there is only JDK 11 in chroot.
// Please refer to crrev.com/c/2336338 to set up the environment to perform
// the tests below.
// This CL should be merged first because default selection of JDK 11
// should be established before having multiple versions of JDK.
// Also tested on current environment where only JDK 11 exist.

sudo eselect java-vm set system icedtea-bin-8
// Initially set default JDK as JDK8
// Make sure /etc/cros_chroot_version is 179.

sudo eselect java-vm list
// Confirm that the system-vm is currently icedtea-bin-8.

// Make sure run_chroot_version_hooks is now 180.

sudo eselect java-vm list
// Confirm that the system-vm is now openjdk-bin-11.

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