cros_run_bvt: Run tast for labqual group

Previously, a wide group of tast tests were run, but that group
is being narrowed to prevent unnecessary delay. This commit ensures
that only necessary tests are performed for lab qualification.

BUG=b:155173602, b:168373145

Change-Id: I0aab8bc66de2b52b07545396053166f565d31637
Reviewed-by: Rob Barnes <>
Reviewed-by: Kevin Shelton <>
Tested-by: Philip Chen <>
Commit-Queue: Philip Chen <>
diff --git a/cros_run_bvt b/cros_run_bvt
index 924e306..6169518 100755
--- a/cros_run_bvt
+++ b/cros_run_bvt
@@ -100,11 +100,8 @@
 $DEBUG test_that "${OPTIONS[@]}" "$DUT" "${TESTS[@]}"
-# Run mostly the same Tast tests as the bvt-tast-cq suite regardless of flags.
-# Exclude "meta" tests, as they're just designed to exercise Tast itself.
-$DEBUG tast -verbose run -build=false "$DUT" \
-  '(!disabled && ("group:mainline" || !"group:*") && !informational &&
-    !"name:meta.*")'
+# Run a subset of Tast tests for qualifying a model before lab deployment.
+$DEBUG tast -verbose run -build=false "$DUT" '(!disabled && "group:labqual")'
 if [ ${AUTOTEST_STATUS} -ne 0 ] || [ ${TAST_STATUS} -ne 0 ]; then