gce_au_worker: Release allocated resources before terminating

Recent GCP resource leaks(e.g., chromium:579811) show that when
cbuildbot.stages.test_stages.GCETestStage times out, the subprocess that calls
out to ctest and thus this module is aborted, without getting a chance to clean
things up, resulting in leaked GCP resources and various quotas being hit.

This CL patches gce_au_worker to intercept SIGINT and SIGTERM and release
allocated resources before terminating the test process. It also updates `ctest`
to wait for a certain amount of time (10 minutes) before sending SIGKILL to the
test subprocess. Similarly, the cbuildbot code has been updated to suspend the
termination of the `ctest` subprocess.

TEST=gce_au_worker_unittest, manual ctest run passes, and ran a trybot against

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