extend ssh connection timeout

Betty and other VM boards on release builders are having timeouts after
the vm is spun up and as we're attempting to start the dev install
script. This extends the timeout significantly to 5 minutes.


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(cherry picked from commit 0515327957ce2c1a4d816ed0a68bbdcdddb3d026)
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diff --git a/devmode-test/ b/devmode-test/
index d35eb7f..c4315da 100755
--- a/devmode-test/
+++ b/devmode-test/
@@ -115,8 +115,14 @@
               '--image-path=%s' % self.working_image_path, '--start'], cwd=chromite_constants.CHROMITE_BIN_DIR)
+    # After the vm is requested ssh can initially take a while.
+    connect_settings = remote_access.CompileSSHConnectSettings(
+        ConnectTimeout=300)
     self.device = remote_access.ChromiumOSDevice(
-        remote_access.LOCALHOST, port=self.port, base_dir=self.tmpdir)
+        remote_access.LOCALHOST, port=self.port, base_dir=self.tmpdir,
+        connect_settings=connect_settings)
     if not self.device.MountRootfsReadWrite():
       raise TestError('Failed to make rootfs writeable')