fw_lab_triage_helper: don't assume testing key

This change removes the assumption that the user has setup their
environment to automatically use the testing key when ssh'ing to lab
devices.  Additionally, some small output formatting tweaks are

one-off script used for prepping the key representation:

from __future__ import print_function

import binascii

with open("/home/kmshelton/trunk/chromite/ssh_keys/testing_rsa", "r") as f:
    byte = f.read(1)
    count = 0
    row = 0
    while byte != "":
        print("\\x" + binascii.hexlify(byte), end='')
        byte = f.read(1)
        if (count == 22 and row != 0) or count == 24:
            count = 0
            row += 1

TEST=ran against faft-cr50 pool DUTs.

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