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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module that contains the interface for au_test_harness workers.
An au test harnss worker is a class that contains the logic for performing
and validating updates on a target. This should be subclassed to handle
various types of target. Types of targets include VM's, real devices, etc.
import inspect
import os
import cros_build_lib as cros_lib
from crostestutils.au_test_harness import update_exception
from crostestutils.lib import dev_server_wrapper
class AUWorker(object):
"""Interface for a worker that updates and verifies images."""
# Mapping between cached payloads to directory locations.
update_cache = None
# --- INTERFACE ---
def __init__(self, options, test_results_root):
"""Processes options for the specific-type of worker."""
self.board = options.board
self._first_update = False
self.test_results_root = test_results_root
self.use_delta_updates =
self.verbose = options.verbose
self.vm_image_path = None
if options.quick_test:
self.verify_suite = 'build_RootFilesystemSize'
self.verify_suite = 'suite:smoke'
# Set these up as they are used often.
self.crosutils = cros_lib.GetCrosUtilsPath()
self.crosutilsbin = cros_lib.GetCrosUtilsBinPath()
def CleanUp(self):
"""Called at the end of every test."""
def GetUpdateMessage(self, update_target, update_base, from_vm, proxy):
"""Returns the update message that should be printed out for this update."""
if update_base:
msg = 'Performing a delta update from %s to %s' % (
update_base, update_target)
msg = 'Performing a full update to %s' % update_target
if from_vm: msg += ' in a VM'
if proxy: msg += ' using a proxy on port ' + str(proxy)
return msg
def PrepareBase(self, image_path, signed_base):
"""Method to be called to prepare target for testing this test.
Subclasses must override this method with the correct procedure for
preparing the test target.
` Args:
image_path: The image that should reside on the target before the test.
signed_base: If True, use the signed image rather than the actual image.
def UpdateImage(self, image_path, src_image_path='', stateful_change='old',
proxy_port=None, private_key_path=None):
"""Implementation of an actual update.
Subclasses must override this method with the correct update procedure for
the class.
See PerformUpdate for description of args.
def UpdateUsingPayload(self, update_path, stateful_change='old',
"""Updates target with the pre-generated update stored in update_path.
Subclasses must override this method with the correct update procedure for
the class.
update_path: Path to the image to update with. This directory should
contain both update.gz, and stateful.image.gz
stateful_change: How to perform the stateful update.
proxy_port: Port to have the client connect to. For use with
def VerifyImage(self, unittest, percent_required_to_pass=100, test=''):
"""Verifies the image with tests.
Verifies that the test images passes the percent required. Subclasses must
override this method with the correct update procedure for the class.
unittest: pointer to a unittest to fail if we cannot verify the image.
percent_required_to_pass: percentage required to pass. This should be
fall between 0-100.
test: test that will be used to verify the image. If omitted or equal to
the empty string the code will use self.verify_suite.
Returns the percent that passed.
def PerformUpdate(self, image_path, src_image_path='', stateful_change='old',
proxy_port=None, private_key_path=None):
"""Performs an update using _UpdateImage and reports any error.
Subclasses should not override this method but override _UpdateImage
image_path: Path to the image to update with. This image must be a test
src_image_path: Optional. If set, perform a delta update using the
image specified by the path as the source image.
stateful_change: How to modify the stateful partition. Values are:
'old': Don't modify stateful partition. Just update normally.
'clean': Uses clobber-state to wipe the stateful partition with the
exception of code needed for ssh.
proxy_port: Port to have the client connect to. For use with
private_key_path: Path to a private key to use with update payload.
Raises an update_exception.UpdateException if _UpdateImage returns an error.
if not self.use_delta_updates: src_image_path = ''
key_to_use = private_key_path
self.UpdateImage(image_path, src_image_path, stateful_change, proxy_port,
def SetUpdateCache(cls, update_cache):
"""Sets the global update cache for getting paths to devserver payloads."""
cls.update_cache = update_cache
def PrepareRealBase(self, image_path, signed_base):
"""Prepares a remote device for worker test by updating it to the image."""
if not signed_base:
self.UpdateImage(image_path + '.signed')
def PrepareVMBase(self, image_path, signed_base):
"""Prepares a VM image for worker test."""
# Tells the VM tests to use the Qemu image as the start point.
self._first_update = True
self.vm_image_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(image_path),
if signed_base:
self.vm_image_path = self.vm_image_path + '.signed'
def GetStatefulChangeFlag(self, stateful_change):
"""Returns the flag to pass to image_to_vm for the stateful change."""
stateful_change_flag = ''
if stateful_change:
stateful_change_flag = '--stateful_update_flag=%s' % stateful_change
return stateful_change_flag
def AppendUpdateFlags(self, cmd, image_path, src_image_path, proxy_port,
private_key_path, for_vm=False):
"""Appends common args to an update cmd defined by an array.
Modifies cmd in places by appending appropriate items given args.
See PerformUpdate for description of args.
for_vm: Additional optional argument to say that the payload is intended
for vm usage (so we don't patch the kernel).
if proxy_port: cmd.append('--proxy_port=%s' % proxy_port)
update_id = dev_server_wrapper.GenerateUpdateId(
image_path, src_image_path, private_key_path,
cache_path = self.update_cache.get(update_id)
if cache_path:
update_url = dev_server_wrapper.DevServerWrapper.GetDevServerURL(
proxy_port, cache_path)
cmd.append('--update_url=%s' % update_url)
raise update_exception.UpdateException(
1, 'No payload found for %s' % update_id)
def RunUpdateCmd(self, cmd, log_directory=None):
"""Runs the given update cmd given verbose options.
Raises an update_exception.UpdateException if the update fails.
cmd: The shell cmd to run.
log_directory: Where to store the logs for this cmd.
if self.verbose:
if log_directory:
cmd, log_to_file=os.path.join(log_directory, 'update.log'),
cros_lib.RunCommand(cmd, print_cmd=False)
except cros_lib.RunCommandException as e:
raise update_exception.UpdateException(1, str(e))
(code, stdout, unused_stderr) = cros_lib.RunCommandCaptureOutput(
cmd, print_cmd=False)
if code != 0:
raise update_exception.UpdateException(code, 'Update cmd failed')
def AssertEnoughTestsPassed(self, unittest, output, percent_required_to_pass):
"""Helper function that asserts a sufficient number of tests passed.
unittest: the unittest object running this test.
output: stdout from a test run.
percent_required_to_pass: percentage required to pass. This should be
fall between 0-100.
percent that passed.
percent_passed = self._ParseGenerateTestReportOutput(output)
self.TestInfo('Percent passed: %d vs. Percent required: %d' % (
percent_passed, percent_required_to_pass))
if percent_passed < percent_required_to_pass:
print output'%d percent of tests are required to pass' %
return percent_passed
def TestInfo(self, message):
cros_lib.Info('%s: %s' % (self.test_name, message))
def Initialize(self, port):
"""Initializes test specific variables for each test.
Each test needs to specify a unique ssh port.
port: Unique port for ssh access.
# Initialize port vars.
self._ssh_port = port
self._kvm_pid_file = '/tmp/kvm.%d' % port
# Initialize test results directory.
self.test_name = inspect.stack()[1][3]
self.results_directory = os.path.join(self.test_results_root,
self.results_count = 0
def GetNextResultsPath(self, label):
"""Returns a path for the results directory for this label.
Prefixes directory returned for worker with time called i.e. 1_label,
2_label, etc. The directory returned is outside the chroot so if passing
to an script that is called with enther_chroot, make sure to use
label: The label used to describe this test phase.
Returns a path for the results directory to use for this label.
self.results_count += 1
return_dir = os.path.join(self.results_directory, '%s_%s' % (
self.results_count, label))
if not os.path.exists(return_dir):
return return_dir
def _ParseGenerateTestReportOutput(self, output):
"""Returns the percentage of tests that passed based on output.
output: Output string for
The percentage of tests that passed.
percent_passed = 0
lines = output.split('\n')
for line in lines:
if line.startswith('Total PASS:'):
# FORMAT: ^TOTAL PASS: num_passed/num_total (percent%)$
percent_passed = line.split()[3].strip('()%')
return int(percent_passed)