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# ChangeLog for the default/linux/amd64 profile directory
# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/profiles/default/linux/amd64/ChangeLog,v 1.9 2013/11/16 19:10:38 mgorny Exp $
16 Nov 2013; Michał Górny <> 13.0/package.use.stable.mask:
Un-stable-mask all Python impls on python-exec. We are forcing them anyway,
and users are having issues due to un-masking them manually.
03 Oct 2013; Matt Turner <> 13.0/package.use.stable.mask:
Drop unneeded libtxc_dxtn abi_x86_32 stable use mask.
24 Sep 2013; Michał Górny <> 13.0/package.use.stable.mask:
Add missing abi_x86_32 masks as reported by Patrick Lauer.
07 Aug 2013; Michał Górny <> 13.0/use.mask,
PyPy 1.9 is going masked for removal. Bug #480070.
09 Feb 2013; Andreas K. Huettel <> +10.0/deprecated,
+10.0/desktop/deprecated, +10.0/desktop/gnome/deprecated,
+10.0/desktop/kde/deprecated, +10.0/developer/deprecated,
+10.0/no-multilib/deprecated, +10.0/selinux/deprecated,
+10.0/server/deprecated, +10.0/x32/deprecated:
Deprecate 10.0 profiles
20 Jan 2013; Michał Górny <> 13.0/eapi, +13.0/use.mask,
Unmask pypy for ~amd64, mask for stable amd64.
18 Jan 2013; Andreas K. Huettel <> ChangeLog:
Fix ChangeLog header
16 Jan 2013; Andreas K. Huettel <> -13.0/server/eapi,
Remove 13.0 server profiles as per mailing list discussion
15 Jan 2013; Andreas K. Huettel <> +13.0/desktop/eapi,
+13.0/desktop/gnome/eapi, +13.0/desktop/gnome/parent, +13.0/desktop/kde/eapi,
+13.0/desktop/kde/parent, +13.0/desktop/parent, +13.0/developer/eapi,
+13.0/developer/make.defaults, +13.0/developer/parent, +13.0/eapi,
+13.0/no-multilib/eapi, +13.0/no-multilib/parent, +13.0/parent,
+13.0/selinux/eapi, +13.0/selinux/parent, +13.0/server/eapi,
+13.0/server/parent, +13.0/x32/eapi, +13.0/x32/make.defaults,
Copy profile tree 10.0 to 13.0 and adapt inheritance